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-After an emotional case, Sammy and Ben pick up a suspect on a parole violation that Sammy believes murdered his 17 year old witness.

-When Sammy says he found a crack pipe in the back of the cruiser which would get the felon six more months in jail, Ben thinks he's planted it and later tells him so.

-Ben then finds out that the cops who had the car previously didn't check the back and their narcotics snitch tried to hide the crack pipe in the back seat. Sammy is hurt and angry that Ben didn't trust him.

-A documentary film crew follows Cooper and Tang for the day. They witness Tang tackling a woman who was threatening police with a knife. The woman is stabbed in the fall. They also see the officers letting a man go on a registration violation because they feel he deserves a break but worry it may have been a department integrity check.

-When Cooper and Tang break up a fight, one assailant attacks Cooper and bites his neck badly. The cameraman just continues to film as Cooper fights for his life.

-Lydia works as field supervisor because the department is short handed. She gets tackled by a grieving mother and later doubles over in pain. Her doctor says her baby is OK but encourages her to tell the department she's pregnant.

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Southland Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I haven't pulled on a uniform since we could still carry Mag lights.


The average street cop in Los Angeles makes $75,000 a year. It's not enough.