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-It's Tang's last day on patrol before moving to another precinct as Sergeant. After a stressful shift, she and Cooper have a blowout at her going away party. She says his hidden drug rehab makes him just like her and she throws him the orange plastic piece she took from the kid's gun. 

-Cooper uses the orange piece as a keychain and gets a new rookie to mentor on the road.

-Sammy survived his injuries and is in the hospital. He asks Ben to come clean about beating the pimp but he won't. 

-Ben partners with Officer Ferguson and they find Daniella, the hooker's daughter and send her to Corpus Christi. Then Ben hunts down her pimp father. 

-During the chase Ben and Ferguson are separated. As Ferguson comes around the corner he sees the pimp on the ground with a gun next to him. Ben shot him dead. Both Ferguson and Sammy wonder if it was a clean shooting but don't say anything.

-Lydia tells the department she's pregnant. She decides the job is too stressful and decides not to go back on the road. She also tells Terrell she's pregnant and he's the father. He offers to leave his wife but she says she's not asking for that. She just wanted him to know he's he's having a son.

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Southland Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

13 years patrolling. I might just miss this freak show.


I feel like I let you down.