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-After Lucero makes another gay slur, Cooper takes him to a gay bar and admits he's gay. Although Lucero reacts with humor, he later gets angry and storms off.


-The following day, a routine call goes wrong when a suspect's partner surprises Lucero taking his weapon. Hank and John are abducted by the two meth heads and taken to the desert where they are handcuffed together and Lucero is tortured. 


-Lucero is shot and killed while Cooper helplessly looks on. John is forced to dig a joint grave. As one of the men runs off, the other shoots at John but misses and tries to catch his partner as John escapes.


-Elena's brother, Chris tells Ben he needs help when a robbery goes wrong and he thinks the resident can identify him. Ben is furious that Chris kept a jacket he stole from Sammy's and the two men argue.


-Sammy tracks down Strokeface and chases him into a construction site where the man falls on exposed rebar and is killed.


-Lydia meets again with Russel and introduces her son. 

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Southland Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

You've got a problem with gay people, that's your right, OK but I don't want to hear about it every day.


Cops are suppose to hold the line between chaos and civilized society. Every now and then chaos gets the upper hand.