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-Dewey's daughter, Rae Anne is a cop. She's beautiful and smart, which surprises everyone.


-Cooper chains hicks up in his home to keep him from committing suicide. Once he sobers up, Cooper tells him he won't let him end it this way.


-Sammy is overcome with guilt over lying about the recording of his altercation with Tammi. Ben is furious that he hasn't yet destroyed the recording since they both lied about it to IA.


-Ben continues to see Elena.


-Lydia lets Christopher's father have regular visitation.


-Cooper's father, who raped and murdered his girlfriend gets a priest to pressure John into seeing him in prison before he dies. A reluctant John goes only to have his father tell him he'd have rather seen John kill himself than have a gay son.


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Southland Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

I tried to tell her to became a lawyer, a doctor, a freaking porn star, anything but a cop but do you think she'd listen.


Cops are trained to stay in control but sometimes even heroes feel helpless.