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-John learns that Lucero's talk of a happy family is more illusion than reality as he and his wife have been separated for over a year.


-John tells his ex-wife that co-parenting a child with her would make him happy. She's thrilled.


-Lydia and Ruben stumble over police corruption when investigating Sgt. Hill's adult son's death. Lydia eventually agrees with Ruben and hands the case over to Internal Affairs instead of going forward with it themselves.


-Lydia reaches out to Russell, former cop and partner.


-Tammi was arrested for a DUI and had drug on her, making Sammy's chances at gaining full custody much stronger.


-Sherman tries to break up with Brooke who doesn't take it well.


-Ben is worried that Sammy hasn't destroyed the tape of him fighting with Tammi.  He has Elena's gang banger brother break in to steal it but things go awry.  The babysitter is injured and little Nate is found crying in a closet.  Sammy is on the war path believing the break in was a different gang member who threatened him earlier in the day.

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Southland Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Then it's legally within your right to punch that assh*le in the face.


While most threats are external, the most dangerous come from within.