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-Sherman continues to date the elementary school teacher. He and Sammy chase down a couple of bank robbers who throw the money out of their moving vehicle to the masses.


-Sammy is told he must redo his plumbing if he wants to keep his son at his home. He ends up grabbing some cash that the bank robbers threw on the street.


-Cooper and Lucero bring in a man who tried to commit suicide three times and failed. They stop a habitual vandalized who was breaking store window with a slingshot to make him feel alive and collared a pimp beating on his hooker only to find out he had an open warrant for murder.


-Terrell tells Lydia that Yvette is divorcing him and he wants to be a part of Christopher's life. Lydia balks but Reuben tells her her son will resent her if she doesn't let him have a relationship with his father.


-Lydia and Reuben investigate a body found boiling in a vat. They believe it's Ted and one of his girlfriends killed him. They later find out Ted is alive. He was using one girlfriend to set up the other for murder.

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Southland Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

They say that working for the LAPD is a ticket to the greatest show on earth but it isn't always easy to get to the front row.


Broken windows lead to real crime. Assholes think they can get away with anything.