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Coach Baker hears something and investigates. He finds himself under the school bleachers which begin to move in, almost crushing him.

Beth and Janice interview him and he thinks it is a student. He is very big headed about himself.

Jenny finds herself being targeted by school bullies when she finds a girl from school, Dierdra sleeping with her boyfriend, Emmett. Emmett is attacked.

When an apparent sex tape leaks of Jenny and Coach, things get even more complicated when Jenny is bullied even more online and decides to run away from her life as she can't cope any more.

It turns out Alexis is Jenny's 21 year old sister who their mother gave up for adoption because she wasn't ready for children. Alexis throws Jenny down the stairs after telling their mother who she is. Alexis is taken to psychiatric hospital.

Ray gets annoyed with Perry acting like the boss of everything he does. Ray sneaks out and gets a hair cut. When he returns he hits Perry and tells him to stop trying to run everything. Ray informs Perry that they need to take Beth's work friends away from her in order to make her vulnerable. Perry seems delighted by this.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

If the woman in the video isn't Jenny, there's a good chance she might be out stalker.


We have to destroy her world.