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We are introduced to Andrea, as she is hosting a lavish dinner party. Upon hearing her dog barking, she and her guests go inside to see that someone has written all over her wall with UV paint. She thinks her husband, Kenneth and his girlfriend are stalking her. Upon meeting Kenneth and Melissa, they both deny having anything to do with the stalking. The TAU dig deeper into Melissa's past and realize she was under 72 hour observation for a psychiatric break. The woman pleads that she was not involved. Andrea is attacked in a parking lot. The man is wearing a watch that her husband owns. The TAU looks at old CCTV footage and finds that the same watch was worn by whomever wrote the stuff on Andrea's wall. Her dog is killed and sent to her in a box. We find out that Andrea is actually stalking and making us think it is someone else. She attempts to kill Melissa, but the TAU saves her.

Jack is caught speaking with his son. Amanda confronts him and we find out that he slept with someone part of a case in the past. Amanda threatens to tell Beth everything, but Jack has beaten her to it and Beth tells him to fix it.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

We have our cliches here. They have a soundtrack.


So, an angry ex is behind this?