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A parcel arrives at the mayor's office. The receptionist opens it, but it begins ticking. Security pushes to evacuate the building, but a clown face pops out the box.

The mayor is being stalked. He has a friend named Alice who is an escort. The team interview her, wondering if the stalker could be one of her clients. She comments about Drew - an old possessive client. When he is interviewed he appears to be telling the truth.

Alice returns home to find her house trashed, she goes in and finds someone dressed as a clown, who shoves her to the ground.

Beth and Jack quiz Elaine, the mayors wife and try to find out if he had an affair. She says he didn't have an affair and knows nothing of Alice.

The mayor is annoyed about this and he goes to see his wife. She admits that she and their son done the stalking. Turns out Alice is the mayors son.

Alice goes to a new client and it's the mayors son, Cree. She catches on to this and attempts to escape on to be greeted by Drew, who attacks her. She is saved by Beth and Jack.

Perry denies a plea deal and is then bailed out by someone who vouched for him. He then runs off... to the facility housing Beth's ex stalker who killed her family!

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Janice: Don't worry - no onw knows. I was discrete.
Beth: Thanks Janice.

Beth: Call Amanda, bring her up to speed.
Janice: You sure?

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