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We are introduced to Mark as we find out he is being stalked. He used to be part of a neo Nazi group and fears that someone from the group is stalking his family.

Beth and Ben go to see Chad, a member of the group Mark was part of. The man gives them an ice-cold reception and exchanges harsh words with Ben.

Landon and his friend find a bomb in the shed, which detonates. No one is harmed, but all signs point to Chad being behind this vile act.

Mark brutally attacks Chad. Chad is arrested after Ben provokes him to be racist. Mark is attacked by an unknown individual.

We find out a neighbor, Howard was attacked 10 years ago in a hate crime. Trent and Jack investigate and Trent is stabbed. Jack saves him and he is arrested.

Amanda mouths 'thank you' to Jack. He smiles. Trent confronts Amanda about letting Jack access to his child. She agrees she was wrong about keeping them apart.

Beth receives a package. She opens it and finds a teddy bear. She looks alarmed and looks through a box in which she finds the same one, except it's burnt. She cries. 

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm not leaving you here alone. We are safer together.


There you are. I knew you were in there.