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Stella's alarm goes off. She receives a call from her alarm company who tell her to make an exit. She hears someone downstairs and stays in her bedroom where the stalker tries to attack. She escapes.

She has her ex husband pulled in for questioning, but he makes it obvious he hasn't done any of the things she said.

Stella goes to a party and Cynthia picks an argument with her. in the toilet, Cynthia's new beau attempts to attack her. She escapes and he is arrested.

Cynthia informs the TAU about the manuscript and that Stella is telling all about everyone. Stella is questioned about this and reluctantly admits she had it ghost written by Cameron. Cynthia is abducted.

After checking Cameron's computer, we find out that Tom is the stalker and he killed Cameron. Stella arrives home and finds all of her enemies bound to chairs with Tom ready to kill them for her.Stella asks to kill Cynthia, and shoots Tom. He attacks her and Beth saves her. Beth attacks him. 

Janice tries to make Perry crack, she shows up at his dorm and is let in to snoop. He has hidden all of the vile pictures of Beth.Later, Janice gets into an argument with him and informs him about his mother sleeping around and his father possibly killing her. He cracks and tries to strangle her and is finally arrested. 

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Janice, my records have been sealed since I was 18 years old. This kid is so smart.


Beth: Janice, discretion is very important to me.
Janice: You can trust me, Beth.