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In 1816 at a circus in Willard's Mill, a showman is doing a shell game wherein you could either win a bible or a new husk of corn (of the cow feed variety). When the Sheriff wanders up and wants to shut him down, the huckster offers up either all of the man's wears or the Sheriff has to take his own life.

The constable uses terrible language...APPLESAUCE! And then uses his gun to take his own life. A bet's a bet. Now there's no corn for anyone else!

Stan has a leak in his ceiling. Denise is its cause.

Evie is at the door. It's time to watch the season finale of The Fiance. Disgusted, Stan goes to the bar, where he finds The Fiance on the TV and the huckster at the bar.

When Evie is watching alone, the Huckster is on the screen as The Fiance host speaking directly to her.

While Evie is becoming a demanding non-Fiance contestant, Stan realizes the huckster wants to kill him. Stan wants to know about Gerard Duquette first. He's pissed he's not getting answers. The conman shows Stan some showmanship and pizazz by way of a little game of "This is your life."

When Stan was a kid, he beat an injured man and kicked him in the head. The Huckster didn't think much of that, and it was Echolls who stood there watching him burn years ago. Stan tries to tell Jazzhands it wasn't him nor Evie, but he doesn't care.

That's proven by the overly made up Evie talking to her TV about how much she wants to win The Fiance.

Huckster wants to wager with Stan that someone is doing something so bad and someone will be dead at his house.

Denise is rapping "there's a crazy person in my house" when Leon stages a one-man panty raid.

She uses her new dagger to chase the two while Leon cradles his six pack.

When Stan and huck get there, huck has lost, but he didn't have a good prize for Stan, so stan wagers again using a coin toss in which his wager includes getting the coin stuck in the mudd in the ceiling. It works perfectly, he gets to watch the end of Sports Center, Evie snaps out of her possession without memory and Denise suggests they make fried chicken.

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Stan Against Evil Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Stan: Denise!! I think the bathtub is leaking.
Denise: That's weird. So is my waterbed!
Stan: Sweetheart, you don't have a waterbed.
Denise: I do now! I took my bean bag chair and emptied it, then I took the hose...[the doorbell rings]
Stan: Answer the door. Then step outside and lock it, and everything will be great.

Evie: It's girls' night. Denise and I are going to watch the season finale of The Fiance.
Stan: That's how you know marriage is sacred. They give it away as a prize on a game show.