Evie's in Big Trouble - Stan Against Evil
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After Evie has been burned at the stake back in time, Stan recalls everything that happened during the finale, including digging up a grave. He would because a coffin is inside his bedroom. He lifts the shrine. Evie is talking to him. She's telling him to remember her from 1692 and boops him on the nose. It's a dream.

Neither he nor Denise knows who the hell Evie is, but Stan can't stop calling Denise by the name. Oh, the confusion!

The girl who took Evie's place in the world is still close to getting killed in the street. She's not learned much in 11 days.

Leon's the sheriff. The girl is a part of the Willard's Mill Black Hat Society.

The BHS argues like babies about wordholes, pies and diahreah.

Stan has another dream about Evie and her coffin. They're pretty handy feeding him all that information.

She doesn't look so good this time around.

Denise wanted chocolate milk and wrecked the car into a tree. By doing so, she brings the ghost of Evie Barrett to Stan, attached to her Sheriff's uniform as well as the grave she was buried in.

The Black Hat Society? Friends of Claire's. Stan is shocked.

He takes them home to question them, and assures them Claire was not a witch. Denise wonders if Lara is her girlfriend.

All of a sudden, he hears Evie ask, "Did you get the eyes?"

He feels batshit crazy and needs to do some real drinking.

Stan looks at the ladies' book and decides to dig up a grave when they show him the mystery of Evelyn Barret who disappeared and how he must be the savior. He says Jesus. Not that he's Jesus. They think Evelyn just vanished, but Stan digs a nice hole.

When he gets down there, a giant creature flies out of the coffin. It's not Evelyn. The girl says it's a trap set by her father 400 years ago. The wraith cannot be destroyed. Ahhh, come on girl!

Stan Against Evil
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Stan Against Evil Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Leon: The new sheriff is not a woman.
Stan: Well, we got that goin' for us. For a second I thought we were livin' in Europe!

Thadeus: Evelyn Barret. Unholy viper!
Evie: I am not the viper. YOU are!