Dreaming of the Dead - Stan Against Evil
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Willard's Mill 1850

The Constable's throat has been slit and he's tossed off a roof right in front of a woman who feels so safe when her dear husband is near.

Stan wonders what is with the no alcohol in the squad car policy? If you're out there trying to catch drunk guys, you have to get right into their skin.

While they're discussing a group of crows being called a murder, a code three occurs right in front of them. Oh no!

When Evie pulls him over, she's utterly annoyed that she gets hit on. Stan says, duh, her hair is clean and she has nice gums and she's not wearing a wedding ring!

Evie's next stop is to a little shop to buy a ring. She just needs to look married, you know?

The shop owner has just the thing.

After putting the ring onto her finger, Evie begins dreaming about killing the man she ticketed. A nice fingernail to the throat. She wakes screaming.

In the morning, the phone rings. It sounds much like a fast version of the Peanuts parents, but it's Leon. There's been a murder.

Evie is surprised to see the victim is her dream has come true. Of course, she goes to Stan who suggests not thinking about and getting a case of brews.

A cute girl wants a restraining order against her boyfriend, and Leon does his best to work the situation, but it ends with a punch in the nose or ten.

Leon kills the guy and the girl wants to do him. Leon wonders if killing together makes him and Evie closer.

Evie is afraid to go to sleep and Denise is no help whatsoever. Evie's dream features an old lady trying to kill Stan.

She calls him, and while he almost hangs up, she insists. He hears a noise and sees the crone leaving through the back yard.

Leon has three coffee mugs on his desk.

Both people Evie and Leon killed were already dead. Evie needs to find out if one of the past sheriffs was killed by being pushed off a roof.

Leon notices the wife in the past is a "dead ringer" for his new "girlfriend." Leon is so excited. He activates his action pants, jumps into the car, puts on the siren and speeds over. Evie saunters over while talking on her cell phone and beats him.

Leon says he tongue darted that girl, and the woman says if he wants to do it again to shave that mustache.

She had given up on finding a new sheriff to marry and all that garbage until Evie had the nerve to walk in hoping to keep men away.

Stan is driving over with the murder of crows in his backseat while the not dead Sheriff's mistress wants to kill Evie. Evie's solution is to offer up Leon as her hubby.

Marriage turns the woman back to her 200-year-old croney self and she starts disintegrating just in time for Stan to tear off her arm when he arrives. Leon's a widower.


Stan Against Evil
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Stan Against Evil Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Leon: Evie! If I went and got some onion rings, would you want some?
Evie: Aha. Once we identify this handprint, we'll have our killer.
Leon: EVIE! Onion rings?

Shop owner: This stone symbolizes the life long entwining of soulmates.
Evie: Haha! I'm very bitter.