It's Stan! Against Evil! - Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 1
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Stan and Evie can't believe it. Stan picks up a newspaper at the office and sees the headlines. Hell on Earth. He never saw his wife destroy the final flower. They have to go back!

The cabin, though, has been destroyed. They can't go back.

Stan has a theory about why everyone they know is gone from earth, and he ambles off to take a pee. Except, he doesn't return. A dead fella does, instead. Evie kills him and here comes Leon!

Leon points out to Evie that it wasn't a dead who returned from Stan's potty moment at all. It was Stan, and Evie killed him.

Evie is placed under arrest and carted off the the psych hospital, which isn't like Grey's Anatomy because people only work there and don't have sex all the time. Bummer.

Evie's explanation that a black magician who also happens to be black messed up their lives, Evie thought it was hell on earth and that she was attacking a demon. Oh how Dr. Edmunds was amused.

Denny Duquette rips the sheet off of dead Stan and taunts him with whether or not Claire screwed up with the black flower. Stan didn't flinch.

He learns how he looks to everyone else on earth and that when he walks up to them he just says "hhhhhh," which was hilarious.

Stan tells Douquette he should have just explained opposite day. He knows about opposite day.

The first place Stan goes is the hospital to free Evie, who also saves Dr. Edmunds and breaks free of Stan by breaking and jumping out the window.

Leon arrives at the room unable to figure out how she got out.

Stan is being harrassed by Douquette who is asking him if he ever wondered why he can't manage to do anything right. So sad!

Evie heads to Stans in her scouting uniform (complete with badges), and Denise wants to kill her.

That's when Evie realizes it can't be real. Still, she worries about "Fake Denise."

Demon Stan comes at her, and as he's looking at her with big, soulful eye sockets, she realizes it's Stan.

When he asks her to kill him, she says they should go together. When they do, they pop back to where they began. They realize they both got it from each other by looking into each other's eyes. They work well together. Awww.

Stan is searching his demonology book to figure out how to fight a bigger evil.

Evie is still unsettled.


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Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

OK. So say it is Hell on Earth. It don't look THAT different. The big change seems to be less people, and that just means less traffic and a helluva lot more parking.


Oh, shit.