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Putney Virginia. The Near Future.

It's old Evie! 

She's being interviewed by a man writing a book on Willards Mill. 

Stan was once her good friend and then he changed into something very different. Not someone, but something.

Haurus sucks Eccles grave up out of the cemetery and burns him alive. Haurus, of course, is Stan.

Evie can't believe it's really over. She wonders, of course, why Kevin didn't see anything, and he has to inform her he doesn't live at the cemetery like some sort of weirdo.

Evie runs like crazy over to Stan's place to share the good news only to find him sitting morosely in his chair. He isn't happy to be free of the death curse with an easy life on the way at all.

Behind him, Haurus stands. "I'm not doin' it," Stan tells him.

Evie is out on the streets pickin' daisies, flying kites, and getting congratulated on the montage.

Apparently killing Eccles came with the price of killing Evie. 

They work together, but this is not what Evie ever expected. 


Stan Against Evil
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Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

You tricked me. You lied to me. Do you think I would have ever agreed to this deal if I knew I would have to kill Evie Barrett?


Just think about it, Kevin. You go in and visit your loved one, and BOOM, you go and play mini-golf!