Getting to Know Bill the Demon - Stan Against Evil
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The alternate title is Cuckoo for Murder Puffs

A guy who looks a lot like someone from Green Acres picks up a demon.

Needless to say, Green Acres doesn't live for long.

Leon was at the DepCon where he took second place, which was the top spot, and he got a smart stick, a stick that will even tell Leon where it is.

Meanwhile, back at Stan's, the fake plumber he called to pull the bread out of his plumbing is a demon with zero upper body strength. Sent by Echolls, he fails in his attempt to kill Stan. Bill the Demon, so they get to chatting.

Denise and Kevin go parking and find a rude guy staring at them from the next car. When Kevin confronts him, he discovers the dude has no bones! And he dates a dead girl!

Denise notes they're both dead.

Evie shares that info with Stan and introduces Bill the Demon. They're all getting along famously now.

Bill has some news about opening the passage. If they can figure out how to open it, all of the souls Echolls has trapped would be spit out and the bondsman going after him would be sucked back in. Best news Stan has heard in an hour.

Leon is by himself when the bondsman comes for him. he's just a dumb farmer, but he's an incredibly strong one.

Bounty Farmer beats the patoot out of Leon, and only when the guy picks up Leon's stick does he run off. Unfortunately, Leon's stick doesn't recognize Leon, either.

Stan and friends trust Bill the Demon with devasting consequences. Except Bill the Demon thought he was making up the Bondsman. The Collector of Souls is really Billy Ray Tidmire, an escaped lunatic. That's very helpful.

After Evie shoots him, Leon heads over with his smart stick and burns 11 calories. Smart stick location? Alone.

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Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Aw, take it easy. Bill's good people. It's not his fault he's a demon, right Bill?


Driver: So what brings you to Willards Mill?
Demon: I'm here to collect souls.
Driver: [slams on the breaks] Well, here we are. Just cut through those woods and go another 18 miles.