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- A reporter wants to do a story on Cyper and approaches Emery. Emery promises a better story.

- Grayson's parents host a charity ball.

- Roman and Emery have a moment.

- Drake and Zoe plan to kidnap Grayson for ransom.

- Emery arranges for the reporter to watch a Red Hawks meeting and he outs Grayson's mom as the leader.

- Grayson takes a stand against his parents' beliefs.


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Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Roman: War is not the only way to get our freedom back.
Drake: And integration is? I don't wanna share this planet with people who wanna annihilate us. And neither should you.

I'm not a little girl. I'm one of those Atrian freaks that you're so fond of.