At The Helm - Star Trek: Discovery
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[Originally aired February 11, 2018 on CBS All Access]

With Emperor Georgiou masquerading as Prime Georgiou in command of the Discovery, Burnham and Saru consult on how they can follow the very un-Federation orders she is giving. When Georgiou makes veiled threats towards Saru, Burnham interrupts and baits her with information about Prime Georgiou's past.

In private, the Emperor warns Burnham to never risk her cover again. With Burnham committed to whatever plan the Emperor is carrying out, they go to L'Rell for information on the geographic topography of Kronos. L'Rell refuses despite the Emperor attempting to beat her into submission. Burnham suggests going to Tyler for the intel based on the Voq memories he still has access to.

The Emperor adds Tilly to the away team and Stamets jumps the ship into an underground cave on Kronos.

The away team beams up to the surface and enters an Orion colony, disguised as arms traders. The Emperor visits a strip club and sends Tyler and Burnham out to buy information. Tyler joins a group in a gambling house. Burnham leaves and finds a tattoo parlor to wait for him when she starts having traumatic flashbacks. Tilly, left in charge of the mission drone, gets knocked out by a recreational inhalant.  

Tyler finds Burnham and she recounts her parents' murder at the hands of Klingons. 

Tyler catches sight of Klingons who may know where the volcanic chimney are. Georgiou finds out where the chimney is from her Orion prostitutes. Tilly discovers that the volcanoes aren't dead and realizes the drone she's carrying is actually a hydro-bomb. She radios Burnham but Georgiou hears her, knocks her out, and takes the bomb.

Burnham contacts Saru to inform him that Georgiou plans to blow up the planet and concludes that the plan originated with Starfleet Command. She asks to speak to Cornwell.

Burnham convinces Cornwell that Starfleet's principles are more important than their survival and changes the plan. She stops Georgiou from detonating the hydro-bomb and has it recoded to L'Rell's bio-signature so that she will have the power to bend the Klingon Houses to her will. Tyler throws Voq's support behind her and she accepts the role.

Tyler decides to leave with L'Rell. He and Michael reconcile and bid each other farewell. He hands her a piece of rope tied in a bowline.

L'Rell succeeds in bringing the Houses of Klingon to heel with the threat of destroying Kronos. The armada retreats from Earth and the war is over.

The Discovery returns to Earth and Burnham is congratulated by Sarek on her success in preserving the moral code of the Federation while still bringing an end to the war. Her record as mutineer has been expunged and her rank as Commander returned to her. She addresses Starfleet in Paris where Tilly, Stamets, Culber (posthumously) and Saru receive medals of honor and has a visit with her mother. Sarek accompanies the Discovery to Vulcan to pick up her new captain. Stamets is no longer being used as the spore drive navigator so they are traveling at warp, the old-fashioned way. En route, they respond to a distress signal and meet up with the U.S.S. Enterprise, captained by Christopher Pike.

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Bryce: Discovery is running dark, Captain.
Emperor Georgiou: My favorite way to run.

On the eve of battle, on a cold and windless night, an old general turned to a young soldier. 'Tomorrow,' said the master,'you will know Fear.' The young soldier who had not yet experienced the agony of war looked at the general with quizzical eyes. 'How will I know Fear if I do not know what it looks like?' The general replied,'You will know Fear because it speaks very fast and it speaks very loud...' 'If that is how Fear acts, recognizing it is easy.' But as the young soldier considered the general's advice, she asked the question facing us now,'Once I know Fear, how do I defeat it?'