The Emperor Once More - Star Trek: Discovery
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Terran Burnham begs to die, confused why she isn't dead yet. She accuses Georgiou of becoming weak and retiring to the Charon. Georgiou points out that her plan will reduce the rebellions in the Empire. 

Burnham reveals that there is a coalition of alien races forming against the Empire. Georgiou has her thrown into the agonizer.

Killy asks why Burnham hasn't been executed and Georgiou assigns her the task of breaking Burnham and reforming her into a loyalist.

Killy uses the agonizer to force Burnham into swearing her allegiance and give up her co-conspirators. The torture continues while Georgiou monitors it from a distance.

Detmer visits Burnham in the brig and begs her to give in. She tells Burnham that Lorca's gone silent, that there is no hope for his rescue.

Georgiou holds out hope that Burnham can change, reminescing about her childhood trauma.

Burnham is brought to Georgiou and kneels, apologizing and vowing loyalty, promising to execute her co-conspirators herself.

Detmer takes on Landry. Burnham kills Landry. She delivers the badges with Detmer and then kills Detmer to complete the collection.

Georgiou and Burnham dine together and discuss their plans, including dealing with Lorca.

Saru informs Georgiou that his vaharai is beginning. She explains it is only a rite of passage and he'll be fine.

Saru realizes that she is. no longer truly Terran and begs her to return to where she is from otherwise she will be killed.

Discovery intercepts a message to Lorca and tracks it to Riza. They find Duggan/Carl aboard a shuttle and disable his vessel. He informs them Lorca's rallied the Klingons and Romulans against her.

They transport Duggan to the brig where he warns Georgiou she can't trust Burnham just before Burnham and other conspirators take out her honor guard and attack her.

Georgiou is prepared and Tilly's team attacks Burnham's.

Burnham and Georgiou fight hand-to-hand and Georgiou kills Burnham and takes a dagger to the back of the neck herself as Burnham dies.

Saru cradles Georgiou as she dies. She recognizes that he passed through vaharai and awakens back on the Dannus V.

Qarl is there and his future newspaper no longer declares Georgiou dead. Her wrist monitor shows three months of biodata points. Georgiou suffers another attack and Burnham demands to know who Qarl is and his voice changes, declaring himself "The Guardian of Forever" and the doorway explodes and reforms into a giant portal.

On Discovery, Stamets and Adira are trying to figure out how to hack the Kelpian ship. Reno's annoyed that they keep rerouting her power. Book arrives and solves their problem.

On the planet, Qarl explains that he's in hiding because the Temporal Accords made his existence illegal. He tells Georgiou that her trip back was a test to see if she had changed and what her course should be.

Qarl set up the portal to take Georgiou to a time when the Prime and Terran Universe were still aligned. She bids Burnham farewell. She reveals she loved a man once named Assan. She enters the portal and disappears.

Saru reports into Vance, who is irritated by their use of Emerald Chain tech aboard a Starfleet ship.

Burnham beams back aboard alone. Book leaves to meet her.

Vance questions Saru's motivations and expresses sympathy for the loss of Georgiou.

Although Burnham does not say Georgiou is deceased, the crew mourns her as such.


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