Tendi on the Hunt - Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Mariner joins Boimler and Rutherford for a round of anbo-jyutsu. When they try out some new moves on her, she kicks their butts.

Two scientists are startled by a Mugato creature.

On the Cerritos, the bridge crew discusses the reported sighting on Frylon IV.

In the crew lounge, Boimler and Rutherford play Diplomats while healing up from Mariner's butt-kicking. She wants to go to the phaser range.

The bartender, Otis, watches Mariner leave and then lets Boimler and Rutherford in on the rumor that Mariner's a Special Black Ops operative, the perfect weapon.

In sick bay, Tendi gets pushed out of the way when she tries to take care of a patient. T'Ana gives her a list of crew who have avoided the annual physical. Tendi's mission is to track them down and administer the physical.

Boimler and Rutherford discuss the different pronunciations of Mugato. Rutherford looks up Mariner's record and they discuss her many postings. Mariner shows up and they freak out.

The away team beams down with orders not to use any weapons on the Mugato.

They track a trail of Mugato dung and discover the Ferengi are capturing and trading in the endangered species' horns.

They attack the poachers and, in the struggle, the machine controlling the cages is damaged, releasing all the Mugato.

In the chaos, Boimler and Rutherford see Mariner stab Shaxs and appear to suck his blood. They run away.

In orbit, the Cerritos detects the Ferengi's client fleeing the planet. When he dismisses their hail, they tractor beam him which causes his shuttle to disintegrate.

In the woods, Boimler and Rutherford are confronted by a Mugato and it chases them into hiding where they are found by a biologist named P'Tingi

Tendi runs into resistance in getting crew members scanned.

P'Tingi turns out not to have any skills around Mugato and gets killed. Rutherford and Boimler flee and fall down a hill.

Tendi gets the scan done on Stevens in a sneaky manner.

Boimler and Rutherford come across two Mugato and hide in a log. The Mugato start mating and are then joined by a third who decides to watch.

Tendi gets good at scanning crew members but the last person on her list has a coded name.

Mariner appears and Boimler and Rutherford run from her. She gets trapped in a leghole trap when she pursues them and they confront her with the information they think they have.

Mariner admits that she started the rumor herself.

The Ferengi arrive and take Mariner into custody.

Tendi discovers the last patient on the list is T'Ana. A chase begins.

Captain Freeman and Ransom discuss replacing Hyde's ship with a ship's shuttlecraft. Hyde claims that his lost belongings include many items he sees on Freeman's shelf.

Boimler and Rutherford sneak into the Ferengi encampment and form a plan to free Mariner and Shaxs.

Tendi corners T'Ana in a Jeffries Tube but breaks her arm. When T'Ana approaches to help, she scans her.

Boimler and Rutherford present the Ferengi with a cost-benefit analysis on turning their poaching organization into a tourist attraction.

Back on the ship, T'Ana promises some personal attention to Shaxs while he recovers.

Freeman is informed of a scam artist in the sector. She grabs Hyde before he can get away and in order to stay out of a penal colony, he agrees to help the Ferengi clear out the Mugato dung.

Mariner learns to play Diplomats. At the bar, she starts a new rumor about Rutherford and Boimler.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Mariner: Let's hit the phaser range. I need moving targets.
Boimler: This isn't work. We're playing Diplomats!
Rutherford: And we're at a crucial point in the negotiations. We're both about to lose!
Mariner: Why is that good?
Boimler: If both sides are equally unsatisfied with the negotiation, you can close the deal.

Poisonous, carnivorous, strength of ten men? Ha, sound like my ex.