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Recap of Peanut Hamper’s refusal of the mission on Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 Episode 10. We see the events of the climax from her perspective. In the aftermath, she is left behind, floating in space with debris.

Opening credits rejigged to reflect Peanut Hamper’s long tenure in space.

After over a hundred days, Peanut Hamper’s gone all Castaway. She’s created a friend, Sophie, to talk to and spends her time fuming about the injustice of her situation.

Her plan is to get a nacelle operating in order to get back to civilization. She refuses to send a distress call to Starfleet. She manages to get the nacelle powered up but suddenly a Drookmani scavenger ship appears. She throws Sophie into the tractor beam to block the intake while she attaches herself to the nacelle and takes off. The nacelle vessel malfunctions and she crash lands on a planet.

When she revives, she is in a hut surrounded by bird people. She is welcomed by Kowtorus of Aerior who plans to restore her to full operation.

When Kowtorus takes her out into the community, the overwhelming impression is that everyone views her with suspicion. Kowtorus explains that the others have never seen anyone from off-world before.

When a child offers her a gift, Peanut Hamper is unimpressed but replicates a candy to get the kid to leave. This shocks the crowd around her. They clamor for dismantling Peanut Hamper. Kowtorus defends her as a life form deserving of respect.

A dissenting voice from the crowd questions a machine’s ability to live. Kowtorus introduces Rowda, his son. He assigns Rowda the task of helping Peanut Hamper settle in. Reluctantly, Rowda agrees.

The people of Aerior live a fairly primitive existence. Peanut Hamper is bored and considering that life in a Starfleet penal colony might be better than staying here. Rowda comes to pick her up for orientation. She’s disparaging of everything about life on Aerior.

Suddenly, Rowda’s name is called and he flies to the village center where Kowtorus lies wounded, bitten by a sky snake. The people prepare for his passing but Peanut Hamper hits him with an anti-venom and saves his life.

The people are won over, cheering Peanut Hamper.

Peanut Hamper develops a daily routine and finds a purpose to her life among the bird people. Rowda shows her the incubation hut where his people's eggs hatch. Many chicks never emerge from their eggs. Using her radiation beam, Peanut Hamper hatches all thirty-six eggs at once.

Rowda takes her for a flight over the planet and declares his love for her.

While alone, they share their insecurities and Peanut Hamper admits she sees a future for herself with Rowda. They consummate their relationship. Somehow.

In their post-coital bliss, Rowda takes her to the caverns under their planet and reveals that the Aerior were a space-faring species. He explains they felt technology brought them misery so they outlawed it, forcing their people into the primitive paradise they live in now.

Peanut Hamper admits that she was wrong to abandon her Starfleet comrades and realizes now that organic life has value too.

Rowda cheers her up with more sex. Maybe?

Time passes. Rowda and Peanut Hamper get married. In the middle of the ceremony, a Drookmani scavenger ship arrives. A shuttle lands and the Drookmani demand the ships in the underground caverns.

Rowda leads the Aerior inhabitants in resistance. The Drookmani transport back to their ship and begin excavating the caverns with their tractor beam, destroying the ground and the trees the village is built in.

The Aeriors despair but Peanut Hamper claims she can save them. She sends a distress signal to the Cerritos. Freeman sets a course to apprehend her.

On the planet, Rowda and Kowtorus realize someone needs to disable the Drookmani ship in case help doesn’t come in time. In a do-over of the events of “No Small Parts” Peanut Hamper steps up and flies the shuttle to the ship.

The Cerritos arrives and prepares to battle the Drookmani to save the village but they spot Peanut Hamper’s shuttle.

She crashes the shuttle into the ship and then goes to work disabling the ship, overloading the engine. The tractor beams disengages, the ship explodes, and Peanut Hamper escapes.

The wedding is about to continue when Freeman and an away team beam down.

The Aerior move to defend Peanut Hamper but Freeman protests that they saw the act of sacrifice and are here to thank her.

Peanut Hamper gives credit for her change in attitude to her time with the Aerior and tells Rowda that she feels the need to rededicate her life to Starfleet.

Rowda offers to join her onboard the ship in order to remain close to her. Peanut Hamper protests but he insists.

A warning comes in from Ransom that the Drookmani have transported onto the Aerior ship and it’s operational. They attack the village.

As they go to attack the Cerritos, Ransom opens a channel for the captain to hear the Drookmani’s explanation. They claim they were invited to take the ships under the Aerior settlement.

They play the recording of Peanut Hamper inviting them. Confronted with the evidence, she admits she invited them in order to set up the situation to get Starfleet to take her back.

Rowda is heartbroken. Tendi points out that Peanut Hamper could really save the day by getting onto the Aerior ship the Drookmani have taken. Peanut Hamper refuses despite Freeman’s orders.

In orbit, the Drookmani continue to attack the Cerritos. Their shields are down to 15% and things look dire.

On the planet, Kowtorus pushes the Starfleet officers out of the way of a falling tree, only to be crushed by it. As he prays to his ancestors, another Aerior ship emerges from the caverns. Rowda is flying it and takes it out to combat the Drookmani.

He obliterates them.

When Peanut Hamper tries to get back into their good graces, both Kowtorus and Rowda tell her to leave. Freeman refuses to bring her back on board her ship. Peanut Hamper threatens to contact the Borg and bring them to Aeriolus. Shaxs constrains her and she is thrown into lockdown in the Self-Aware Megalomaniacal Computer Storage.

She meets Agimus and they laugh together. The other self-aware megalomaniacal computer join in which angers her.


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Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Of course I could send a distress call to Starfleet. But those bipedal bastards would just lock me up for going AWOL. They’re so uptight about being betrayed.

Peanut Hamper

Be a hero, Peanut Hamper. The needs of many, Peanut Hamper. Kill yourself for a bunch of randos you met three hours ago, Peanut Hamper! It was my first day! They expect me to sacrifice myself on Day One? No way! I hate Starfleet! What about the needs of the me?!?

Peanut Hamper