Hands in the Air - Star Trek: Picard
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A flashback to Mars' Utopia Planitia Shipyards on First Contact Day, 2385, the day of the attack by the synthetic humans. Specifically, synthetic personnel, F8, has his programming over-ridden so that he drops the shields and kills his co-workers before destroying himself.

In the present, Picard reviews the surveillance footage of Dahj's death with Laris and Zhaban. They discuss the potential involvement of Tal Shiar but Laris insists that it goes beyond the Romulan's secret police to a cabal intent on preventing the existence of synthetic humans, the Jhad Vahsh.

Using Dahj's communication logs, they are able to trace her sister's location to off-world.

Aboard the Romulan Reclamation Site, Soji and Narek wake up together in bed. When the alarm goes off, they get ready to go to work but Soji realizes that she doesn't know what Narek actually does.

Picard greets his physician in person, having not seen him in a very long time. He delivers some unfortunate news but is willing to sign-off on Picard returning to interstellar service.

Picard travels to Starfllet Command and meets with Admiral Clancy who gives him a chilly welcome and then aggressively denies his request for a ship to investigate the existence of synthetic organic lifeforms created by Bruce Maddow and a secret Romulan plot.

On the Romulan Reclamation Site, Soji suits up and helps a new arrival get ready. As the checkpoint opens to the "grey zone," Narek comes over to Soji and Dr. Naashala. He wants to see Soji do her work.

Picard invites Dr. Jurati to tea to discuss Dahj. She discovered that Dahj was created about three years ago, a perfect candidate for the Daystrom Institute.

Dr. Soji Asher oversees the removal of Borg parts from a former Borg Collective member on board the Reclamation Site. While others treat the subjects dispassionately, Soji speaks a few words over the subjects in hopes they rest in piece.

With no other option open to him, Picard uses an old communicator badge to send a message to "Raffi" requesting a ship.

At Starfleet Command, Admiral Clancy contacts Commodore Oh regarding Picard's theories and asks that she look into the possible Romulan plot. When the call ends, the Commodore orders Lt. Rizzo to report to her.

Laris is shocked by Picard's plans, dropping a tray of tea service. She angrily concedes he will go but she tells him to take Zhaban so they can die together.

Commodore Oh questions Narissa about Picard's accusations and warns her that Narek had better not screw up his part in the anti-synthetic plot. 

Picard lands near Raffi's encampment in the desert. She tries to chase him off but when he reveals information about the Romulan death teams, she lets him bring his wine into her home.

Narissa projects herself to Narek's quarters to get a briefing on his progress. She will be arriving in person soon.

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Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Picard: Romulan methods of forensic molecular reconstruction are illegal in the Federation.
Laris: Really? I had no idea.
Picard: They're also unreliable. And the results are dubious, at best.
Laris: Yeah. That's exactly what we wanted you to think.

Good morning, plastic people