The Eve of Battle - Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 9
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On board La Sirena, Rios realizes the transporter is being operated remotely and the assimilated military forces are beaming in all around the ship. Rios, Ramirez, and Ricardo run for it as forces beam onto the ship with Jurati. Jurati pulls out the drawer containing the Borg queen's body and redresses herself in the queen's armor.

Using Tallinn's transporter, Picard, Tallinn, Seven, and Raffi arrive at Chateau Picard. They have two weapons between the lot of them. Rios, Ramirez, and Ricardo find them and inform them that the queen and her forces are already there.

The assimilated soldiers pin Picard and his people down.

On the ship, the queen encounters resistance when she tries to take control. Jurati asserts her will. She accuses the queen of being lonely.

The queen makes contact with the controls but finds herself locked out. Jurati's locked it. She activates the ship's Emergency Combat Hologram. It appears as Elnor. The key code for the ship is embedded in his program.

As Picard and his people engage the Borg army, a flash-bang goes off and Picard is transported to his childhood memories again.

As a child, he asks his mother to play a game. His parents discuss Yvette's mental health, Maurice noting that they haven't had an incident for some time. Yvette decides they'll play Hide and Seek.

Back in the present, Picard and Tallinn retreat to the house. Rios gets shot as he hurries Teresa and Ricardo in after them. Picard instructs Tallinn to beam Rios, Teresa, and Ricardo to safety. Once they've gone, he tells Tallinn to turn it off so that Rios can't return.

On the battlefield, Seven proposes they split up and double their chances of taking the ship back.

Suddenly the Borg's lazer sights disappear. Adam Soong calls out a greeting. He wants Picard to stand down so the queen can ensure Soong's legacy.

Picard hears himself as a child calling for his mother during their game of Hide and Seek. He decides that's the way to evade Soong and the Borg forces.

He taunts Soong and, when they open fire, he and Tallinn run into the house, drawing the forces while Seven and Raffi sneak around the side.

They encounter one merc and take him out.

Picard leads Tallinn down into the tunnels, following a memory of his mother taking a bad turn.

Tallinn recognizes the tunnels as the dungeon from Picard's unconscious.

As Raffi and Seven arm themselves for battle, Raffi asks why Seven never joined Starfleet. She tells her that Starfleet wouldn't take her because she was Borg. They make a desperate run for the ship.

The Borg queen and her mercs hunt for Elnor. He arms himself with a sword.

Rios attempts to hack Tallinn's transporter. Teresa insists he sit down to let her remove his bullet.

Soong finds the way into the tunnels.

Picard recalls a conversation with his mother where she likens herself to a dying star.

He and Tallinn come across the room where he was stuck as a boy. He tells Tallinn how his mother was locked away for her own safety. She begged the Young Picard to let her out. One night, he let her out.

Soong and his men arrive. Picard finds a gun and shoots at them. They escape through a door.

The Borg queen confronts Elnor. He escapes into a storage bay and finds himself face to face with Raffi and Seven.

Elnor explains he's an ECH and the key to unlocking the system. Seven has a plan and asks him to unlock the ship for her.

Raffi takes a moment to confess her guilt. The ECH exonerates her.

Picard and Tallinn find themselves cut-off from the tunnel they want to take and detour.

Seven gets to the transporter and beams the Borg soldiers into the foundation stone of the chateau.

The Borg queen has a transport inhibitor. She takes on Elnor in a fight. Seven and Raffi hold weapons on her but she deploys tentacles, deactivates the ECH Elnor, knocks Raffi away, and impales Seven.

The queen regains control of the computer and directs it to set course for the Delta quadrant.

Raffi pleads for Seven's life.

As dawn breaks, Picard and Tallinn emerge from the tunnels into the solarium. Adam Soong finds them there.

As the queen moves to end Seven with a knife, Jurati stops her yet again. She cries.

Picard reveals to Soong what his future looks like for humanity.

Jurati shows the queen how the Borg end because they are always defeated in every timeline. She offers her another option. To save other species by offering salvation instead of forcing it on them through assimilation. Starting with Seven.

Adam Soong gives the signal for his men to execute Picard and Tallinn.

Rios succeeds in rebooting Tallinn's transporter. Teresa tries to talk him out of going back. He insists he must. They kiss.

Rios transports in as the mercs are about to fire. He uses a disrupter on one which causes a key to fall to the ground. He struggles with the other while Picard looks at the key.

The Borg queen turns to Seven. Her tentacles connect and she starts to heal Seven.

Rios fights off the other merc but Soong gets ahold of the disrupter. Because it's DNA-coded, it detonates. Soong escapes.

Seven revives. Her implants are back. Jurati/Borg queen admit they are becoming something new.

Rios heads for the ship. Picard picks up the key. He remembers that he unlocked his mother's door and she hung herself in the conservatory.

Tallinn comforts him.

Seven and Raffi face Jurati/Borg queen who demands the ship in exchange for saving Seven's life. She also gives them a message for Picard, "The mission must not be postponed. To succeed, there must be two Renees, one who lives and another who dies."

She beams Seven and Raffi off the ship to be reunited with Rios, Picard, and Tallinn. The ship takes off.

The team regroups and considers the danger Adam Soong poses to the Europa mission.

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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

So myopically linear. You see the branch but not the tree.

Borg queen

Jurati: Millions of species, planets, and still, you always needed more.
Borg queen: Perfection takes time, dear.
Jurati: This was never about perfection, or evolution, or any of that bullshit. It was never enough because you're just like me. Lonely.