The Band's Back Together - Star Trek: Picard
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Picard asks Q about the world he’s in and where the Stargazer’s crew has gone. Q says there is no Stargazer.

When Picard suspects Q is not well, Q transports them to the vineyards where he tells Picard this time, his intervention is Picard’s penance. He points out the planet is dying, pollution barely kept in check by atmospheric scrubbers.

Q transports them back to the chateau where there are alien slaves who cower in Picard’s presence. He leads Picard to what was his library in his world. It is now a trophy room, filled with souvenirs from vanquished alien species, weapons, uniforms, and even skulls.

Q introduces him to the accomplishments of General Jean-Luc Picard, the most bloodthirsty military leader in the history of the Confederation of Earth.

Q offers Picard a chance to escape this reality through atonement. He promises that Picard will have compatriots. Picard refuses, turns, and finds himself confronted by Harvey, his synth valet. Picard reviews a holo-recording of himself campaigning for a purely human galaxy, recruiting other humans to help rid the galaxy of other alien cultures.

Harvey serves him coffee. Picard has him look for records of Laris and he states that Laris and Zhaban were killed at the gates of Romulus.

Harvey reminds him that his shuttle to the President’s Palace will be arriving soon to take him to the Eradication Day ceremony.

In San Francisco, Seven wakes up with no implants and a husband who addresses her as Annika and Madame President.

In her office, she assesses some intel and demands a private com channel to Colonel Rios on the Vulcan War front.

Rios wakes up to his ship being attacked and his shields going down. A Confederation officer contacts him and leads some other ships to drive off his Vulcan attackers.

Seven message comes through. She conveys that she is also from their world and they try to figure out what’s happened. She recalls him back to Earth.

In Okinawa, Elnor wakes up to explosions as a group of insurgents he’s with destroys buildings in honor of the alien planets that the Confederation has destroyed. Elnor’s friend is blasted and he is cornered when a hooded figure calls a halt and stuns everyone with a weapon. It’s Raffi. She orders that Elnor be kept alive for questioning.

Seven has her husband explain the importance of Eradication Day. He reveals that they’ll be executing the last of one of the Confederation’s greatest enemies. He mentions Dr. Jurati is in charge of prepping the executee.

Agnes wakes up in a lab, being lectured by Spot-73, a holographic pet.

Seven arrives with her husband. She uses coded language to clue Jurati in that they’re both out of place.

First Husband asks for the prisoner in N-5-10. It is a Borg queen torso. She recognizes Seven and sees Jurati as infinitely lonely. She pronounces Time broken.

Picard’s arrival is announced.

A synth welcomes Picard but Picard spots Raffi and Elnor. He imposes his authority and brings Raffi and Elnor along to the President.

Seven dismisses her husband and guard so she can talk with Raffi, Picard, and Elnor privately. She shares the Borg queen’s theory that time is broken.

They go to see Jurati and the Borg queen. Picard asks how time was broken. She calculates the change was made in Los Angeles, 2024. She advises there is a Watcher there to help them. “Seek the Watcher,” she says.

Picard references Kirk’s Enterprise’s slingshot around a star at warp to travel in time. The Borg Queen can do the calculations they need. She agrees to do it.

Seven contacts Rios to beam them up but it doesn’t work. Security protocols are blocking transporters and off-world communications.

The Borg Queen is suddenly taken away for the Eradication Day celebration.

A plan forms.

Seven makes her presidential speech, introducing Picard. The Borg Queen is raised up for her execution. Jurati manages to contact La Sirena. Raffi uses Elnor as a distraction while she tries to open a transporter window for them.

The stalling loses the crowd and the First Husband feels like something’s wrong. Picard shoots the guards who come after him. Jurati finally opens the window and Rios beams them aboard. Jurati plugs the queen into La Sirena’s computer.

The Confederation sends ships to apprehend them. The First Husband beams aboard with a team. Elnor is shot first. The First Husband prepares to kill Picard.


Star Trek: Picard
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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Picard: Q, have you had enough of playing games with other people's lives? I am no longer your pawn.
Q: Oh, you undersell yourself, Jean-Luc, you are more than just a piece. Why, you are the very board upon which this game is played.

Picard: Where are the crew of the Stargazer?
Q: Oh, how quaint. How provincial. How 'Yesterday's Enterprise' of you. There is no Stargazer.
Picard: What do you mean? What have you done?
Q: Show them a world of their own making and they ask you what you've done. So human of you.