Ten Forward Ave Once Again - Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 4
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Chateau Picard, 2024 - Picard tries to hail the away team from the crashed La Sirena.

Raffi and Seven arrive at Dr. Teresa’s clinic, following the signal from Rios’s com badge.

One of the clinic’s techs tells them that Rios and the doctor were arrested by ICE.

Picard continues to try the hails to no avail. Noticing Jurati shivering, he suggests cloaking the ship and finding a place where they can light a fire for warmth.

The main chateau is abandoned and derelict. Picard explains to Jurati that the house was used by the Nazis during their WW2 occupation of France. That was the last time it was lived in.

Picard relives a memory of himself as a child, running through the house looking for his mother.

He recalls his mother playing Edith Piaf songs for him to chase away his fears. He also remembers moments of violence, with someone forcing his mother away.

After he gets a fire started, Picard tries to convince Jurati to rest but she’s restless, wandering around the room, playing with an abacus, picking up a book, choosing a bottle of wine. Picard notices that everything she does has the number fifteen involved. He deduces the information about the time fissure is in her subconscious and involves the number fifteen. Assuming it means the date and knowing they landed on April 12, 2024, they realize they have three days to save the future.

In Los Angeles, Raffi and Seven take the bus to the police station. Seven tries to help Raffi grieve Elnor.

Picard prepares to transport to Los Angeles. The queen’s co-ordinates take him back to Guinan’s Ten-Forward bar.

After Picard is gone, the queen starts to talk to Jurati, building her up, reminding her of the connection they shared.

Picard enters Ten Forward and meets a much younger Guinan. She packing up to close up the bar for good. She’s given up on humanity. Picard tries to get through to her by identifying her as an El-Aurian.

The LAPD aren’t able to help find Rios. Raffi and Seven are informed by a bystander that ICE doesn’t bring their arrests to LAPD. They have their own detention centers.

Rios and the doctor have their mugshots taken. In his cage, Rios talks with another detainee. An ICE officer comes in to make the other guy sign deportation papers. Rios interferes and gets tazed. The other detainee is taken away. Dr. Teresa speaks with Rios from the women’s side of the holding pen.

Guinan questions Picard at shotgun point. He’s made friends with her dog, Luna. He wonders if she’s the Watcher. A man, Dale, comes in to pick up Luna. In tears, Guinan continues to pack up, explaining why she’s given up. Picard uses the words Guinan spoke to him in the 25th century and it causes the Guinan in front of him to experience time sickness. He pleads with her to help him fix the timeline.

Raffi decides to steal a police computer to figure out where Rios is being held.

They manage to contact Jurati but she isn’t able to use the transporter to get them to Rios. Seven drives for the first time, pursued by police and often in the wrong direction to traffic.

Jurati isn’t able to get the transporter working, but the Borg queen indicates she can help.

Guinan and Picard walk a box of donations to a local mission. Picard won’t share his name for fear of affecting the future. Guinan tells him she’s not a Watcher but she has watched humanity squander their potential in their hatred for their fellow humans. Picard asks her to stick around a few more days to figure out how the timeline is derailed.

Rios and Dr. Teresa discuss what might happen next. Teresa (“Ms. Ramirez”) is released by ICE and she leaves, promising Rios can come to her if he needs anything.

The ICE officer who tazed him questions Rios again and Rios decides to tell him the truth. Seven and Rios continue their car escapade.

Rios boards the deportation bus.

On La Sirena, Jurati approaches the Borg queen about the transporters. The queen taunts her, but Jurati hits back.

They strike a deal. The queen helps her and Jurati offers herself in return.

Seven and Raffi are surrounded by authorities. They send Jurati the coordinates of where Rios’s bus is heading and she tells them to hit the brakes so she can transport them.

On the ship, the queen tries to interact with Jurati again but she walks away, having limited the queen’s access to the ship’s systems again.

Guinan is still leaving and Picard is desperate. Guinan is emphatic that she isn’t The Watcher he’s looking for. He tells her his name and she hesitates. She tells him to get in her car. She explains he wants a Supervisor, aka a Watcher. Supervisors are assigned to protect the destiny of certain individuals. Guinan believes the one she’s taking Picard to will want to meet him.

The Watcher’s emissary isn’t pleased to see Guinan and runs her off but Picard asks her not to leave the Earth just yet.

The Watcher demands Picard’s com badge from him. He’s hesitant and she compromises by allowing him to remove the power cell instead.

The emissary switches a few times between different hosts. Picard is finally brought to the real Watcher. She looks exactly like Laris.

She transports him with a touch.

Q is reading a newspaper and watching a blond woman reading a Dixon Hill mystery.. He narrates a discouraging mantra at her and then snaps his fingers but something goes wrong. He is disappointed.

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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Picard: I'm counting on you, Agnes. We all are.
Jurati: Peachy. Have you met in a pinch?

Jurati: You all right, mister?
Picard: Just having memories of things that have yet to occur.