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A beeping is heard. Multiple Starfleet vessels appear around a USS Titan transponder.

Vadic is frustrated and demands her crew locate Picard. A crewperson reports the Titan has been shedding decoy transponders and jumping to warp at infrequent intervals. Vadic declares they’ll have vengeance so that they can have peace again. The crewperson continues to question her command and another crewperson disintegrates them.

Vadic orders intel on all known associates of Picard. Frontier Day is 72 hours away.

Part Six: “The Bounty”

Beverly debriefs with Picard the findings of her microneural scan of Jack’s brain. He has Irumodic Syndrome, just as Picard did when he was organic.

She’s given Jack medication to relieve him of the hallucinations and a neural inhibitor. She hopes it’ll slow the development of the disease. She asks Picard to speak with Jack and help him come to terms with the diagnosis rather than wallow in guilt for the genetics he’s passed onto their son.

Picard finds Jack in the holodeck Ten Forward program, drinking. He claims to be celebrating the fact he’s not crazy after all. Picard admits he didn’t survive the Syndrome. He tries to cheer Jack up with the fact he’s young and the Syndrome can take decades to develop.

Jack gets up to leave, pointing out that for everything Beverly did to protect him from being harmed by proximity to Picard, he was doomed at birth by the genetics he’d inherited.

Seven contacts Picard to announce the arrival of Worf and Raffi. Riker, Picard, Crusher, and Seven greet them in the transporter room.

Worf and Raffi are eager to report on what they’ve learned. Worf asserts they must ensure Ro Laren’s death was not in vain.

In the conference room, Worf recaps the Dominion War with the Changelings wherein the Changelings attacked with deception and might which the Federation responded to with a Starfleet-made virus.

Picard points out Starfleet delivered the cure to the Great Link after the war. Shaw reminds him that the virus weaponized Changeling zealots. Raffi reports that Commander Ro believed the Changeling plan was tied to Frontier Day, happening in less than 48 hours.

Raffi and Worf believe the Changelings stole something else besides the portal weapons from Daystrom and propose they burgle the station to get the raw data on the inventory to discover what it was.

Riker, Worf, and Raffi comprise the away team to Daystrom. They beam onto the station and the key manages to get them past the initial security screening.

Outside the station, Starfleet vessels appear, looking for the Titan. Picard contacts the away team and tells them they’ll be back within the hour. Ensign La Forge is ordered to take the Titan to Athan Prime. She’s reluctant but follows orders.

On the station, the team discovers Section 31 has stored items like the Genesis Device, the clone of James T. Kirk, and a genetically modified attack Tribble. Riker tries to joke with Worf who is not amused. Raffi insists they stay on mission.

The station’s monitoring system identifies Riker and generates a security response, sending a holographic crow.

Worf finds the mainframe access, but the station’s security measures kick in. There’s music and then the lights go out. In the darkness, Moriarty’s voice is heard.

The lights come back on. Riker identifies Professor Moriarty. Moriarty greets them and then aims a pistol at them.

The Titan arrives at Athan Prime, the location of the Fleet Museum. Shaw has Ensign La Forge dock them as if they were one of the ships on display. Commodore Geordi La Forge hails the ship and gives them a less than warm greeting.

Geordi beams aboard the Titan with Alandra, Sidney’s sister, hugs Crusher, but is curt about the urgency of coming up with a plan.

Jack checks in with Sidney regarding Geordi’s cold greeting. Sidney admits she and her father aren’t on the best of terms.

In the ready room, Picard gets Geordi up to speed and asks that he clone the Titan’s transponder signal so they can lure the Starfleet vessels away from Daystrom in order to retrieve the away team.

Alandra informs Picard that Starfleet ships are now fully integrated and talk to each other with a certain proximity. The Titan would trigger alerts wherever it goes.

At Daystrom, Moriarty and the away team get into a fire fight where only Moriarty’s weapon is effective.

Hiding from Moriarty, Riker realizes the music that’s been playing intermittently has been parts of a song. He asks about it and Moriarty claims it’s a tune that plagues him. Riker whistles the last phrase of “Pop, Goes the Weasel” a tune Data struggled to whistle. Moriarty mutters, “Marvelous” just as Data did the first time they met on the Enterprise when it was at Farpoint.

Moriarty disappears and the door to the vault opens.

Riker explains to Worf that the tune was a shared memory with a dear friend. Flashback to Riker meeting Data. In the vault, they find an aged-looking Data android.

Geordi claims he wants to help Picard but he’s concerned for his family’s safety. Alandra suggests Hanger Bay 12, but Geordi waves her off. Alandra leaves the room, telling Sidney on the way past that their father is still being stubborn.

On the bridge, Jack gets comfortable in the captain’s chair and Seven quizzes him on the ships on display.

They come across the HMS Bounty, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, retrieved from the bottom of San Francisco Bay where Kirk and his crew left it after rescuing the whales from 1986.

Jack realizes the Bounty still has a cloaking device onboard.

On Daystrom Station, the away team discovers the Data they’re looking at is a hybrid of synth and android. Raffi finds a video file of Alton Soong, recorded before he died.

Geordi shares the struggles he had with fatherhood with Picard. They commiserate on the randomness of genetics.

Alton’s video explains that the new gollum he’s created incorporates Data, Lore, B-4, and Lal in a body with the true aesthetic of age. Worf realizes Alton died before the project was completed. Raffi sees from the computer that all the personalities are present in the body but are at odds.

Geordi reiterates his desire to help but he tells Picard he can’t reconcile that desire with his need to protect his daughters. Picard respects his decision and returns to the bridge where he tells Sidney her father wants to speak with her.

Alone with her father, Sidney demands to know why Geordi won’t help them. When he offers her safety at the museum. Sidney confronts him about how he doesn’t believe in her enough to support what she believes in.

Picard and Seven go look for Shaw to discuss how they can take on the ships guarding Daystrom, leaving Sidney, Alandra, and Jack alone.

Jack proposes they liberate the cloaking device on the Bounty to help their cause.

The away team reasons that if the Data gollum glitched when he recognized them, he sees everything that happens in the station. Worf realizes Data’s not protecting the station’s manifest, he is the manifest, a memory of everything brought in or taken out of the station.

As they try to access the memory files, the alarm goes off as Starfleet security catches up to them. Riker tries to contact Picard. No answer.

Shaw fanboys over having Geordi La Forge aboard his ship. La Forge admits he’d love to geek out with him about engineering but more pressing matters are at hand.

As the transporter room tries to beam Geordi and Alandra back to the museum, the ship appears to phase out. Picard assures Geordi this is not his doing.

The Titan suddenly cloaks. Seven reports it to Picard. Geordi accuses Picard of stealing from the Bounty. Picard protests his innocence. They both realize it’s Jack and Sidney’s doing.

Stealing the cloaking device has triggered security measures. Starfleet is on its way to the museum. Geordi is convinced to throw in with Picard’s gang. He goes to assist with the installation of the cloaking device and tells Alandra to let her mom know they won’t be home for dinner.

Picard contacts Riker to warn them they’ll have ninety seconds to beam away when they decloak.

Riker and Worf agree they must take Data with them.

Security moves in. Riker orders Worf to get Data to safety. He leaves the vault to stall the security team. He’s hit in the back with a transport inhibitor. Seven transports everyone else off the station. The Titan takes off.

Worf reports to Picard and swears he’ll bring Riker back. Picard thanks him.

Jack comes in and sits down with Picard. They consider that Jack may have inherited some good bits as well as the Irumodic Syndrome.

Geordi and Sidney clear the air as he looks at the Data gollum. Picard, Crusher, and Worf enter. Geordi warns them he can reactivate the gollum but because the personalities aren’t integrated, they can’t be sure who they’ll be talking to.

Data awakens and recognizes Geordi and Picard. He is confused when Picard asks if he’s himself. He identifies as Daystrom Android M5-10. When he searches his memory, he identifies the stolen item. He begins to repeat “Jean-Luc Picard” over and over. Suddenly, his demeanor changes and he introduces himself as Lore.

He flashes through B-4 and Soong and then back to Data. When questioned again, he projects a hologram through his eyes. The Changelings stole the human remains of Jean-Luc Picard.

The Starfleet security team has Riker bound and is trying to beat the location of Picard and Jack out of him. He refuses to answer.

Suddenly the interrogator fires on his own team, disintegrating them. The interrogator changes into Vadic. Riker is taken aboard the Shrike which flies away. Vadic reveals to Riker that she has captured Deanna.


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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I want the names and locations of every known associate of Jean-Luc Picard. Starfleet colleagues, past and present. Every friend to whom he might turn. Every loved one in which he might seek comfort. We will scorch the earth under which he stands and the night will brighten with the ashes of the Federation! And from them, we will rise.


How exhausted they must be. As am I, dear. As are we. As are our brothers and sisters who suffer each day having to wear the faces of the Federation. But there will be rest. There will be a day of lifeless bodies burning in space. Oh, there will be silence again. Unity again. Peace again. But first, we will have vengeance.