Zero Examines Murf - Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 9
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Rok-Tahk fills the crew in on how she brought them all back. They have the non-operational Dreknok replica that the vehicle replicator was building. Dal knocks it over and the eyes begin emanating a red light.

A recorded hologram of The Diviner begins playing. He offers them the lives of the Unwanted on Tars Lamora for the Protostar.

The engine can make one jump. They can either go to the Federation or back to Tars Lamora. Dal is torn. The rest of the crew wants to rescue the miners on Tars Lamora.

The crew bands together to formulate and prepare a plan for their return to Tars Lamora. They all dress in Starfleet uniforms as they head back to Tars Lamora.

The Diviner witnesses the ship's return to Tars Lamora's airspace. Drednok decloaks and tows in the Protostar.

Dal readies the crew to put their plan into action. On the planet, the young Caitian runs out of the mine to a spot where she can observe the Protostar dock from above.

When the crew meets with the Diviner and Drednok, the Diviner demands that Gwyn leaves with him.

Drednok warns the Diviner that bringing Gwyn is a bad idea. The Diviner refutes that, insisting she should've been told the truth, to begin with.

Gwyn offers to go with the Diviner but they must give the Protostar's crew his ship, the Rev-12.

Dal tries to stop her but she insists that this is the way that she can right the wrong of standing by when he enslaved them all.

The Diviner gives the order to release the Unwanted and all over the planet, the scorpion drone guards deactivate and the slaves' ankle monitors power down.

The Diviner demands Gwyn remove her combadge before they board the Protostar. He steps on it.

Janeway greets Gwyn when she enters the bridge with the Diviner and Drednok. The Diviner has Drednok override Janeway's programming to turn her into a compliant assistant program.

As they take off, the Diviner orders Drednok to target the Rev-12's generators to completely disable them.

Without the generators, the artificial gravity quits. It's only a matter of time before the planet's shields fail and their oxygen disappears too.

Once the Protostar is clear of the asteroid system, Gwyn demands to know where they are going and the truth the Diviner referenced previously.

When they link telepathically, the Diviner detects that Gwyn is stalling and realizes she's hiding something from him. He orders the Proto-warp drive engaged immediately but Drednok reports the computer is saying the core is not on the ship.

On Tars Lamora, the crew stops acting and reveals that the Proto-core was stored in Murf who is hidden inside a Zero-like casing.

Zero beamed down ahead of the crew, carrying the tools they need to repair the Rev-12.

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Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You're the one who wanted to be in charge. Now, when faced with a tough choice, you just run away? Are you scared? Or just selfish?


We were separated across fractured time, yet we still found a way to work together.