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In the Tars Lamora Prison Colony, robotic watcher drones guard miners digging for ore.

Dal watches and times the transport machinery, planning his escape. Just as he turns back to work, he spots a small figure on a distant antenna tower. It disappears.

Drednok approaches, questioning prisoners about the escaped Fugitive Zero. Dal reveals he doesn't know what species he is and that all translators are banned on the colony so he can't ask his co-workers.

As Drednok threatens Dal, Zero sabotages the generator, which disrupts the interrogation and also causes Dal's anklet to fall off.

Dal takes the opportunity to run, running into a large red rock creature. Stealing a freight vehicle the Tellurite Jankom Pog is working on, he attempts to launch himself into space. It doesn't work.

Gwyn and Drednok meet with a Kazon slave trader who brings a child Caitian in exchange for ore. Gwyn goes off-script and tells the trader to never bring such a young slave to them ever again. Drednok cautions her. Gwyn is able to speak both Kazon and Caitian.

Gwyn approaches her father in his tank where he surveys all the activity in the colony. He asks her about Dal. She offers to get Dal to talk.

Dal is in a holding cell, trying to escape. A voice addresses him, asking about Dal's constant optimism.

Dal is taken to see Gwyn, noticing that the cell next to his is empty, making him wonder whose voice was talking with him. Gwyn questions him about Zero.

When Gwyn reveals Zero is a Medusan, Dal realizes Zero was the voice in the cell. Gwyn gives him a day to find Zero for her.

Dal is sent into deep core mining to look for Zero. He is tethered to the rock creature he met before.

Dal tries a few methods to communicate with the rock creature. They end up in an altercation and Dal accidentally lasers a wall of rock, revealing a huge cavern of crystal ore. The rock creature turns him around to see a starship that was also hidden behind the wall.

They make their way on board what is clearly a Starfleet Federation ship. Dal likes the captain's chair. The rock creature finds a com badge. It activates the ship and provides a translator so that they can speak to each other. She introduces herself as Rok-Tahk.

Suddenly Fugitive Zero arrives, asking how they are going to fly the ship out.

Star Trek: Prodigy
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Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Drednok: Prisoner Dal Ar-El. What species are you?
Dal: Wow. Getting personal, borderline inappropriate.

Sorry, didn't quite catch that. You'll have to... chirp... a little slower.