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Star is more focused on looking at paparazzi coverage of her relationship with Hunter than rehearsing for a performance at a charity event, which angers Alex.

Jahil's kidnappers receive a phone call and let him go. He gets into a car with Arlene, who tells him she paid off his debts to the traffickers. In return, Jahil has to make her majority shareholder in the girl group. She also insists that Jahil kick Star out of the group and keep her away from Hunter. 

Jahil asks Alex to sing lead vocals for the charity performance. Hunter tracks down Star to apologize for his behavior. Alex confronts Jahil about his decision to give her the lead vocal.

Simone confides in Pastor Harris, who wants to convince Star to come to church. Derek invites Alex to a family barbeque. 

Cotton tells the rest of the salon that a young man they knew has been shot and immediately blames the police. Simone tells Carlotta she invited Pastor Harris to Sunday dinner. 

Star confronts Jahil about his real reasons for taking the lead vocal away from her. Jahil tells Star Hunter is bad news, but Star chalks Jahil's warnings up to jealousy. 

Cotton tells Carlotta that there's no way Pastor Harris will guess she's transgender. At the barbecue, Derek's uncle warns him to be careful about his Black Lives Matters activities, then challenges Alex to a music battle. Star shows up uninvited. 

Pastor Harris joins Carlotta, Simone and Cotton for dinner and compliments Carlotta on her lovely daughter. Simone debates joining a recovery group.

Derek's grandma is furious to find a white girl in at her barbecue. Star tells Alex she's fine with her singing lead if it's what's best for the group. Alex and Derek's uncle perform together. 

Star arrives at the fundraiser with Hunter, much to Jahil's chagrin. He warns Hunter to star away from Star. 

While putting away dishes, Carlotta tells Pastor Harris that Cotton was born a boy. Cotton goes to a bar and is propositioned by a man.

During the performance, Star seizes the lead vocal away from Alex. Alex and Arlene are both furious. Jahil overhears Eva singing in the shower -- in English. 

Star tells the girls that the video of their performance is trending online, but Alex doesn't even care. Simone warns Star that her selfish behavior is the same kind of thing that broke up Mary and Carlotta. Another police shooting of a close friend sends the entire salon into mourning. 

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Star Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Jahil [on Star's role in the group]: They've got a performance tomorrow night.
Arlene: Good. Make it be her last. No, make her want it to be her last.

Jahil: I had a meeting with some investors.
Star: Who, Pablo Escobar?