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Rose shows up, posts Alex's bail, and picks a fight with Carlotta for not protecting her daughter. Carlotta and Alex leave to head to Derek's arraignment. 

Cotton and Simone get ready to go to the arraignment. Star wants to join them, but they tell her Alex doesn't want to see her after she didn't show up for the rally. 

Derek is charged with inciting a riot, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. He pleads not guilty. Bail is set at $250,000 and the courtroom erupts in anger.

Connie calls Jahil after seeing a video from the rally on the festival website and asks why the group ditched Star for Eva. Connie tells Jahil he'll use his connections with the festival judges if Eva is involved with the group.

Star proposes holding a fundraiser to raise the money for Derek's bail. Rose offers to pay Derek's bail if Alex will leave him and come home. Otis's body is at the morgue.

Alex tries to talk Derek out of accepting a plea deal. Star confesses to Simone that she's been locked up a couple of times. Simone and Alex suggest that Star ask Hunter for help with Derek's bail money. 

Star is upset when she learns that the video from the rally went viral without her. She demands that Jahil get the video taken down. but he refuses. 

Cotton confesses to new boyfriend Elliott that she wasn't born a woman and hasn't gotten her bottom surgery yet. Elliott is surprised but doesn't seem to care. Cotton brings him inside and introduces him to Carlotta and Pastor Harris.

Cotton and Carlotta argue. Carlotta suggests that Cotton use the money she saved for her surgery to help Derek, but Cotton says she already scheduled the surgery. 

Star suggests that Hunter donate money to Derek's cause. Hunter accuses her of being a gold digger and slaps her. 

The girls perform at the fundraiser and are surprised when Hunter shows up with music superstar Pumpkin. They raise almost $15,000 for Derek but must brainstorm how to raise ten thousand more.  

Carlotta tells Cotton she supports her and offers to call Pastor Harris so he can come over and bless them. Alex goes to Rose and tells her she's ready to come home so she can get the money for Derek. Hunter apologizes to Star but she refuses to give him another chance.

Pastor Harris lays hands on Cotton and tries to force her to say she is a man. Cotton starts crying. The scene dissolves into a musical fantasy sequence starring Carlotta.

Carlotta kicks Pastor Harris out. Cotton puts a gun to her head but she's interrupted by Star. Alex tells Rose she's not coming home, and meets Derek on his release from jail instead. 

Pastor Harris prays for forgiveness for what he did to Cotton. The police identity Otis' body. Jahil announces that Eva is joining the group. Star responds by quitting. 

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Star Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Girl, you in jail? I ain't even been there yet.

Cotton [to Alex]

I know all about loving a messed-up man. Like your father.

Rose [to Alex]