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Simone is rushed to the hospital after collapsing at the church. While she is unconscious, her mother and Star appear and sing until she wakes up. Star and Alexandra head to a club, where Alexandra uses her father's industry connections to persuade Big Boi to produce their demo. 

Carlotta lies to the doctor and says she is Simone's mother. She also confronts Miss Bruce about bringing pills into the salon. Jahil goes to his old friend Connie to secure recording studio time. Carlotta is quizzed by the hospital admin and admits they don't have health insurance.

Star rushes to the hospital and sings to Simone, remembering how she used to do that when Simone was a baby and their mother has passed out from drugs. When Simone wakes up, Star reminds her that drugs killed their mother, and they'll kill her too. Simone just wants to get out of the hospital and record their demo. 

Carlotta goes to church to confide in Pastor Harris. They kiss. Hunter shows up at the salon looking for Star. The hospital psychiatrist tells Star that Simone's overdose may have been a suicide attempt, and says she needs to remain under a 72 hour psych hold.  

Jahil calls Star and tells her they need to record the demo that night. Hunter goes to the hospital and asks Star out, but she plays hard to get. Pastor Harris visits Simone in the hospital. Simone tells him she didn't try to kill herself, but Pastor Harris urges her to talk to someone.

Derek suggests that Alexandra move back to New York to get away from Star and Simone's problems. Alexandra is offended that Derek doesn't think she can handle herself. Derek tells her that he hopes his kids can live as sheltered of a life that she has. 

Cotton confronts Carlotta for treating Simone more like her daughter than Cotton, and tells her she's going ahead with getting bottom surgery, much to Carlotta's dismay. Star throws a brick through one of Carlotta's windows so that the police will lure her away from the hospital. She dresses up in scrubs and sneaks Simone out into a waiting car. 

Jahil meets up with a man who has a van full of women. Jahil realizes that instead of smuggling drugs, Maggie wants him to traffic women. The girls get ready in the recording studio with Big Boi. Carlotta calls Jahil and tells him what Star and Simone have been up to. Jahil tells the van full of women that he's leaving them and that the police will help them get home.

Carlotta storms into the recording session and gets into a heated argument with Star. Big Boi is turned off by all of the drama and leaves. Carlotta tells Simone that if the police find out she's not really her daughter she'll have to go back into the foster care system. 

Jahil asks Hunter to punch him so that he can pretend the van with the women was carjacked. He finds out that the women were being trafficked by a local real estate kingpin. 

Simone tells Carlotta about how her foster father abused her. Jahil tells Star that Simone's problems are weighing down Star's career, but Star refuses to give up her sister. With two hours to go until the deadline for the festival, they decide to record the girls' demo in Simone's hospital room. As soon as Jahil is finished submitting it to the festival, one of the women from the van knocks on his door. 

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Star Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm a black man in America. I gotta keep my head down, my mouth shut and my hands in my pockets just to make it home alive.


Cotton: I need my outsides to match my insides.
Carlotta: But why would you pay someone to mutilate what God gave you?
Cotton: God gave me me, Mama. And it's not mutilation.