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It's the day of the final Atlanta Next Fest performance. Jahil gets out on bail and tells Carlotta an anonymous tip turned him in to the police. Eva claims Star is the one who turned in Jahil. 

Alex visits Derek in the hospital. Cotton comes by and tells them she's getting her bottom surgery that night. Jahil thanks Hunter for paying his bail. Hunter confesses to punching Star and Jahil is furious.

Carlotta spots Otis' wife signing for his remains and confronts her about allowing Otis to take advantage of Simone. Star lies to the girls and tells them she bruised her face in a fight with a girl over Hunter. Big Boi texts them and tells them to meet him at his office. 

Big Boi tells the girls that Jahil's indictment is enough to get them out of their contract with him. Their rehearsal is interrupted by Jahil, who accuses Star of being the snitch.

Jahil realizes that Eva is the only one who could have told the cops about him. Eva denies it, but after Jahil leaves, she laughs at him. Carlotta shames the girls for betraying Jahil. 

Carlotta asks Cotton how she managed to raise the money for her surgery in such a short time, but Cotton refuses to say. Arlene tells Jahil that the traffickers know about the girls he set free. 

Simone confronts Star about her bruise. Carlotta visits Otis' wife and gets her to confess to killing Otis. Star goes to pick up a hoodie at Hunter's house and brings a pipe with her for protection.

Alex and Derek decide to go ahead with having the baby. Carlotta tells Jahil she recorded Otis' wife's confession, clearing his name. 

Simone goes to Hunter's house to look for Star. Hunter throws her around, but Simone grabs Star's abandoned pipe and hits him in the knee. Simone finds Star locked up in a room. Before they flee, Star smashes Hunter's football-throwing hand with the pipe. 

Eva hasn't showed up for the final Atlanta Next Fest performance. Big Boi shows up and tells the girls he can't sign them because he's signing Eva as a solo act instead. Alex tells Star and Simone they don't need Jahil or Big Boi; they can make themselves stars.

Hunter goes to Jahil's house and instead is seduced by Eva. The girls give their final performance and end up winning the contest and a million-dollar contract. Carlotta offers to become Big Trouble's new manager and the girls accept. 

Cotton heads into surgery, but is arrested for grand theft before she can get there. Gunmen enter Jahil's house and shoot Hunter and Eva while they're having sex. Jahil walks in to find both of their bodies in his bed. 

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Star Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Lord, it's a calling, these girls coming to me. As much for me as it is for them. And now I be losing them to that Satan called fame.


And you're the best character witness they can find? Well, I'm screwed.

Jahil [to Carlotta]