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Jahil tells the girls that there's a big music festival coming to Atlanta. However, in order to perform, they'll have to record and submit a demo, and they only have two days to do it. Alexandra confronts Jahil about whether he has enough money to bankroll their demo, before leaving to hook up with Derek.

Derek asks Alexandra about her past; she tells him her mother is dead. Derek tells her his mother is dead too. Simone is worried people will come looking for the girls if they're seen in the music festival, but Star tells her not to worry. 

Jahil argues on the phone with his mother about money while snorting some lines of cocaine. He's interrupted by a furious Carlotta, who warns him again to stay away from the girls. 

Alexandra hears "Groove is in the Heart" in the salon, which reminds her of when she was a little girl. She starts daydreaming but is interrupted when her parents walk into the salon. Star wants to know why Alexandra kept her famous father's identity a secret.

Roland and Rose, Alexandra's mother, tell Alexandra that they're not leaving Atlanta without her. Star wants Roland to produce their demo but Alexandra refuses to ask him. Derek discovers that Alexandra's mother is alive and is angry she lied to him.

Jahil asks Hunter for money, but Hunter's mother, Arlene, doesn't trust him. Roland begs Alexandra to come home and help take care of Rose, who has started drinking again. Roland offers to help Alexandra with her music, but only if she ditches Simone and Star.

Rose tells Alexandra that she's left Roland and asks Alexandra to move to London with her. Star tries to convince Roland to produce the girls' demo. Carlotta confides in her minister about the situation with Jahil and the girls. 

Rose comes back to the hotel to find Star lounging in the bathtub and Roland shirtless in bed. Desperate, Jahil goes to the strip club and asks the owner, Maggie, for money to finance the demo. 

After Alexandra finds out that Star nearly slept with Roland, she decides to leave. Carlotta brings her to her parents, but instead of going home with them, she gives them their credit cards back. Derek finds her and begs her not to leave Atlanta. 

Simone wakes up from a nightmare about her foster father and swallows some pills with whiskey. Alexandra and Star reconcile and start rehearsing for the festival. Jahil receives the money from Maggie, along with a package of cocaine and an address. 

Carlotta brings SImone to church, where the minister asks her to sing for them. When she's done singing, she collapses and is taken away in an ambulance. Meanwhile, her foster father confronts social services, asking where Simone is. 

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Star Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Atlanta is not a good look, darling. I've seen that housewives show. It's trash.

Rose [to Alexandra]

Roland: You sure you don't got any black in you, Star? Your mama put a big burden on you.
Star: I can handle it.