Back Down - Stargirl
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After a dangerous confrontation with Brainwave, Pat warns Courtney to back down from her attempts to go after them.

However, she still wants to find the remaining members of the Injustice Society and bring them to justice.

She later encounters what she believes to be a message from Icicle and asks Pat to help her.

Courtney and Pat fight Icicle, which inadvertently leads to the death of Joey, The Wizard's son, after Icicle freezes the bridge the bus was driving on.

After learning this, The Wizard goes to confront Icicle but is killed as well.

Pat then takes Courtney to the Justice Society of America headquarters and tells her they should take a pause on the superhero thing.

Courtney disagrees and later goes back to grab some gadgets to start recruiting the next generation of superheroes.

Courtney meets a cute guy named Cameron at school and develops a crush on him.

Cameron is revealed at the end of the episode to be Icicle's son.

Meanwhile, Barbara makes strides at work, which impresses her new boss.

Icicle asks her to join a task force to work on the revitalization of Blue Valley downtown.

While she rejects the idea at first, she later comes around.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

It’s Nebraska, so twerking still packs a punch.


Courtney: We have to find the rest of the Injustice Society. They’ve probably assumed new identities in Blue Valley like Brainwave did.
Pat: OK, weren’t you even a little scared of Brainwave? I mean, we both could have been killed.
Courtney: But we weren’t, and as crazy and insane as it was, it was the first time since we moved to Blue Valley that I felt like I was in the right place, like I finally know who I really am. Starman’s daughter, Stargirl.
Pat: Court, even if there are other members of the ISA here, we need to proceed carefully, lay low, make a plan.
Courtney: I have a three-point plan: find them, surprise them, kick their asses. We’re Stargirl and STRIPE.
Pat: Being a superhero is not being one most of the time. I need to find out if Brainwave was alone or not, and I need you to go to school and just act like a normal teenager.
Courtney: That’s boring.
Pat: That’s safe.