Moving to Nebraska - Stargirl
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The series opens with a flashback to Christmas 10 years ago when Pat watched most of the Justice Society of America die, including Starman, who tells Pat someone will take up the charge in the future.

Flashforward to present day, where Courtney and her mother Barbara are moving to Blue Valley, Nebraska with her new stepfather Pat and her new stepbrother Mike.

Courtney is unhappy about the move and has a hard time adjusting to her new school.

Later that night, she goes to the basement and finds a photo of the Justice Society of America and the Cosmic Staff.

She and the Cosmic Staff have some fun, but things go awry when she accidentally blows up a bully's car at the drive-in.

Courtney goes home, and Pat tells her about the Justice Society and Starman, who Courtney believes is her father.

Courtney later talks with Barbara and promises to give Pat a real chance.

Courtney goes out again with the Cosmic Staff and finds herself at Blue Valley Tires where she engages in a battle with supervillain Brainwave, who is revealed to be the high school bully's father.

Courtney has trouble in the fight and runs into Pat in an automatronic suit at the end of the episode.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mike: Good-bye In-N-Out, good-bye friends, good-bye indoor plumbing.
Pat: It’s Nebraska. It’s not Siberia, Mike.
Mike: I looked this place up on Google Earth. Blue Valley doesn’t have jack.
Pat: It’s got fresh air, it’s got friendly people, it’s got schools without metal detectors. The thing is I need your help with this move, OK. I need you to be positive.
Mike: Positive? I am positive.
Pat: Great.
Mike: I’m positive this place will blow ass.

Starman: No, no, it’s over. The Justice Society must live on. Its legacy must survive. Someone with honor and strength must carry the torch.
Pat: I’ll try.
Starman: Not you. Someone with grace and heroism. I mean, you can’t do it. But someone out there will. It’s definitely not you. Pat, you’re a good friend.