Pat and Courtney hospital long - Stargirl Season 1 Episode 8
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Pat takes an injured Courtney to the hospital after her fight with Cindy and crashes his car into a pole to give their story about being in a car accident credence.

He wants to tell Barbara the truth but agrees to wait until Blue Valley is safe.

Courtney is later released from the hospital, and her friends want justice.

The new JSA, sans Courtney, come up with a plan to learn more about Cindy and discover her father is Dr. Ito/Dragon King.

Elsewhere, Dragon King berates Cindy for taking on Stargirl and failing to kill her, telling his daughter she could have jeopardized her place within the ISA.

Cindy later visits an injured Courtney and reveals she knows that Courtney is Stargirl.

Cindy says she won't tell her father and threatens to kill all of Courtney's friends.

After learning her friends are at Cindy's house, Courtney suits up as Stargirl and goes after Cindy.

The two fight and are interrupted by a confused Henry who went to Cindy's looking for answers.

Henry is overwhelmed by their thoughts and lets out a sonic wave, which sends both girls backward.

The fight resumes, but Cindy is then carted off by her father's minions.

Henry demands to know where Cindy is and learns Courtney is Stargirl.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Cindy: I proved myself.
Dragon King: The fact that Stargirl is still alive says the opposite.
Cindy: If you would just listen to me.
Dragon King: I’m done listening, and now instead of focusing on my important work here, I’m forced to explain my daughter’s ill-considered actions to the others. Truthfully, they may never give you a seat at the table now.
Cindy: I didn’t do anything wrong.
Dragon King: She was in the tunnels, Cynthia, and you left her alive.

Courtney: I know it was stupid for me to go off alone, but this could be the break we needed to figure out who’s in the ISA.
Pat: Court, nothing’s worth you getting hurt like this. Do you understand that?