First Mission - Stargirl
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Pat finds out that Courtney stole Justice Society of America items and that she distributed them to her friends. 

He demands Courtney get them back and isn't happy that she went behind his back.

At first Courtney doesn't have the heart to ask her friends for the items back after seeing how happy they are, but when she finally gets up the nerve, they refuse.

Pat has a similar conversation with Rick, who also refuses to return the hourglass.

Courtney, Yolanda, Beth, and Rick then learn that the Gambler is attempting to hack a communications company and want to go after him. 

While Courtney is hesitant at first, she later agrees.

However, during their first mission, the new JSA runs into Sportsmaster and Tigress, who are revealed to be Lawrence Crock and Paula Brooks, instead of the Gambler.

The new JSA is outmatched and in trouble until Pat arrives with STRIPE.

The new JSA learn Pat has more to offer than meets the eye, and Courtney realizes what Pat has been trying to tell her all along.

Pat agrees to train the new team.

Elsewhere, Mike participates in his school's science fair and tells Pat and Barbara not to come. However, he is pleased when Barbara shows up, nonetheless, and they bond.

Lastly, Icicle and Cameron celebrate Christine's birthday.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Pat: OK, this is serious. You put these kids in real danger. You need to get everything you took back.
Courtney: I can’t just take the hourglass from Rick. It belonged to his dad.
Pat: I’ll talk to Rick. You get Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles and Wildcat’s costume and you bring them back here. Do you understand that?
Courtney: Pat, I can’t just take…
Pat: Or do you want your new friends to wind up like Joey Zarick. Do you? I know you don’t respect me much Courtney, but I thought it was more than this.

Coach: Hey, I want to see Artemis on that field just as much as you do, but this was practice, and she hit one of her own teammates. The kid’s got to learn to control her temper.
Sportsmaster: Yeah, she gets it from her mother. She’s a real firecracker.
Tigress: True. I do have my moments, hon.
Coach: I know I may be new here, but I’ve seen parents like you my whole career, so don’t think you can intimidate me. Whether Artemis plays or sits is my call. Hell, I’ll bench her for the whole damn season if I need to.
Tigress: Homecoming’s around the corner. Our daughter’s your best player. You’re not going to do anything to her.
Sportsmaster: Yeah, coach. Let’s see how you like being taken out of the game.