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In Panama, two American workers are assisting patients in a hospital when robbers break in and try to steal drugs. Their robbery is botched as an earthquake hits and one of the robbers appears to be killed. A close up reveals vials have been broken in the hospital. 

Meanwhile, Charlie is tossing and turning in bed and flashes back to the boat and Nick interrogating Fatah. Charlie enters the room, to find a beaten Fatah and tells him that she wants to kill people too. 

Charlie receives another text message and it is a picture of a gun and the words bang, bang. She gets up in the middle of the night and heads to Nick's apartment to let him know. He, too, received the same message and says he may have a lead. He is going to investigate. They are being targeted and need to find out who is sending the messages. 

As Charlie and her staff gather to put together today's book, Charlie learns about the Panama earthquake and a potential small pox exposure at a hospital. Charlie keeps it in the back of the book. 

Nick is in his car watching a guy at a high school football practice. 

As the President chats with her Chief of Staff before the daily briefing, she receives an unexpected visit from Senator Green. They have a clear history together, Senator Green tells her that the report on the attack in Kabul will be released soon and there is something in it that could hurt POTUS gravely. There is clearly no love lost between the two.

The American workers in Panama are trying to assist patients at the hospital and discuss how there is no medicine. They believe they are low on the priority list for Americans and help won't come.

Charlie has her daily briefing with POTUS and as it wraps up she mentions the small pox in Panama. POTUS already knows about it, and lets Charlie know she is not her only source of intelligence. In walks Navaro, and he is hesitant to discuss the situation with Charlie in the room, but POTUS wants Charlie involved. Navaro informs her that the small pox belong to the US, as the hospital was once a research lab, far away from anything. 

Once they step outside the Oval Office, Navaro tells Charlie she needs to know where her loyalties lie. The agency is static, while the President is always changing. Charlie tells him she knows exactly where her loyalties are. 

Charlie's staff is enjoying lunch provided by Charlie, which is a bribe. She lets her staff know about the small pox and where it stands. Her staff is concerned it will be tough to crack, but they are on the case. 

POTUS is eating lunch with her husband and they discuss how far they have come. POTUS tells her husband, Marshall they got there because of a lot of hard work by both of them. Chief of staff David interrupts their lunch and wants to dig deeper about what Senator Green said. POTUS agrees that David can look into it more. 

Charlie meets Jack Dawkins and tells him he needs to keep a very light footprint when his team recovers the vials. He knows what Charlie coming in person means and he will make sure this mission is carried out discreetly. 

Nick pulls up to a house, and a man is saying good night to his wife. Nick is standing in his back yard, and then in the blink of an eye is pointing a guy at the guy in the house. 

The two are sitting at a table and we learn that Dale was a guard on the boat where they interrogated Fatah. He is the one who took the photos of Charlie and Nick with Fatah. Dale tells Nick that he sold the photos to the Kreeg group in order to get money to purchase his house. He keeps pointing the gun at him demanding more information, and we see that Dale is looking at his son. Nick sees the small child and walks out, telling Dale that his son saved him. 

An invitation arrives at Senator Green's office for the State Dinner. President Constance invited her personally. Her staffer thinks she will decline, but she tells him to clear her schedule so she can attend. 

Charlie meets a woman in a garage and the woman takes her phone and installs something that will allow Charlie to listen to the external microphone on whoever is sending the texts. 

As Charlie heads back to work, Nick is waiting for her, and tells her about Dale and where the photos came from. He tells her that he isn't the one sending them, and that they came from the Kreeg group. Charlie tells her that she could have a lead on who is sending the texts and she needs time. Nick warns that they don't have much time and may need to start planning an exit strategy. 

Charlie flashes back to her time on the boat with Nick and Fatah. She is watching Nick interrogate Fatah and writes in her notes that she believes his interrogation is not working anymore and that she is losing faith in Nick. There is a moment though, where Nick looks like he is cracking as he interrogates Fatah and Charlie looks at him differently. 

Jack Dawkins and his team are headed to the Panama hospital to recover the small pox. They safely recover the vials, but then learn there were people in the hospital who were exposed to the small pox virus. He asks Charlie to get him the vaccines so they can save the people in the hospital. Charlie tells him to leave, that she cannot order that, but Dawkins persists, and Charlie agrees to let him come back. 

Syd and Nick meet on a park bench to discuss the current situation. Nick tells Syd he knows that he worked for the Kreeg group and wonders if he is behind the texts. Syd tells him to go to tell, and that he would not use Charlie as leverage. He tells Nick that he also knows Nick worked with the Kreeg group, too. He tells Nick that he would protect Charlie to his dying day, but he doesn't know how to help her against the Kreeg group. 

Charlie uses the new listening device on her phone to track who was texting her, and hears the voice of a French woman, a computer program that one of her staff members was using. She tracks down the package down the burn chute and now knows that one of her staff members is the one sending the text messages, she just doesn't know who.

As she gets ready for the State Dinner, her staff comments on how hot she looks in her dress, but Charlie looks at her staff differently now that she knows someone on the seventh floor is betraying her. 

At the State Dinner, Constance runs into Senator Green and tells her that she won't allow her son's murder to be used as political currency. Meanwhile, Charlie speaks to POTUS' husband Marshall who says that Constance is not the same woman he married. How could she be?

On the 7th floor, Maureen gets a call that sends everyone into a frenzy. Navaro whispers into Charlie's ear at the State Dinner which prompts her to speak to POTUS immediately. Jack Dawkins went back to deliver the medicine and the Panamanian government captured him and is keeping him thinking he is a spy. POTUS tells Charlie that she needs to do whatever she can to get Jack Dawkins back. 

Lucas gets back a piece that Maureen's ex-husband took, which causes Kurt to get jealous. 

Charlie is leaving the State Dinner and Nick gets in her car. Charlie comments that Nick needs to stop stalking her. She tells Nick that the person sending the texts is from her staff, which doesn't surprise Nick. Nick tells Charlie that Aaron is gone and she can move on. He tells her that the feelings are still there between them. They begin to make out. 

As POTUS wraps up her dinner, David tells her that the report is being leaked and that there is something very disturbing in the report.

As Charlie and Nick continue to make out, Syd calls her to tell her that the bullets that killed Aaron came from a CIA registered gun. 

Someone crashes through the car windows and takes Nick. Charlie sees the missed call and voicemail from Syd, and the rest of his message tells her that he knows for a fact that the gun was Nick Vera's.

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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Well, maybe because there's no gun emoticon, we can just assume they are saying hi.


I want to kill people too. Despite our differences, the desire to hunt and hurt and kill is just as alive in me as it is in you.