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Stacy Dover waltzes up to a house and blows it up. Somehow the feds don't think there is enough evidence to bring her in for questioning, yet she was in the front yard of the house when it exploded. No evidence? I think not.

Charlie is obviously concerned.

David thinks it's funny they aren't bringing Dover in, especially when POTUS agrees with him and not Charlie.

POTUS talks to Charlie about Bellerophon. She tells Charlie to trust nobody. Charlie then goes to Navaro and shows her the photo. If it comes out, the whole operation is dead outright.

Nick is on a plan and the person flying the plane is none other than Fatah. 

Everyone is doing polygraphs and as Navaro heads home, the camera focuses on his gate and the unique door ornaments and the way they ring. Why?

Kurt is up first. He's wiggly. Then another dude. Eventually Maureen. For some reason Marshall and Sen. Green are trying to get answers to something. As Charlie and Navaro look trough the test results, Charlie realizes who it is. They call Kurt into the office and ask where he got the photo.

People are milling around Navaro's house. It has been bombed. He and Charlie are still questioning Kurt. He's eventually let go. Green had him tailing Charlie to get information to find out about the CIA weapon that killed Aaron. Marshall has been working with Senator Green to find out who killed his son. He can't believe Constance knows. They argue.

The good news? They're bringing in Stacy Dover. The bad news? The opening scene was a flashforward and we've been living in the past -- she's at Navaro's house and she just blew up his bodyguard and Senator Green. Was Green inside? They were talking. That part of the house looked untouched earlier. Fingers crossed! It's not good.

It wasn't Navaro's house, but a safehouse. Fatah has been ours the whole time. Nick calls in with work that Al Moosari was activating a terrorist cell using email addresses and instagram accounts (damn scary stuff) and the entire list is now in America's hands.

David tells Constance the compassionate side of her isn't what America needs, they need the soldier. Marshall is worried. 

Charlie, meanwhile, wonders if they send out the activation and activates and entire group of people. Nick assures her she's been right the entire time. She turned him on the boat. He doesn't want a war. He wants to be a liberator. Hope to God. Yet the look in the kids eyes when he gets the message is scary as hell.

POTUS gives a speech about protecting the US and apprehending people and they go about doing it. A senator greets her and they talk about favors. He intends to call in a favor at some point. David think the guy wants to bury her. She thinks he should try.

Charlie helps Lucas dry out again. She's doing it because he's a good analyst and not just another ass-kisser. He's also Navaro's briefer, thus his defacto proxy. 

Kurt has a meeting with Miss Anchez. She's out of the country, but Victor Gantry sure wants to see him. 

Fatah is bundling up Al Moosari in the Mulsim way in the Philippines. Nick sees a photo. It is of Sheik Hakam. He's coming to a meeting outside Isabella City. 

State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Do you trust your team? [Charlie nods] You shouldn't. Everyone lies, Charleston. It's always those closest to us whose betrayal we can't see.


Nothing trumps a threat to the homeland.