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Charlie is briefing Navaro in the hospital. Nick is gone. She resigns from the CIA because of what she has to do. Before getting to POTUS, Constance is making a speech that they killed Fatah and others. Whoops.

Charlie tells POTUS what she intends to do and she's given a number only two other people in the world have. She's told to call when the job is done.

Another girl next door Ar Rissalah agent is chatting up a dude at a bar.

Syd is seeing Charlie off and tells her to watch her six. He should go with her. 

POTUS wants Burke arrested.

The team cannot believe Charlie quit, but Mo reminds them the vests are still alive and they need to shut them down.

TKG is protecting Fatah because without him there is no need for them. There's no new world order without factory fresh threats against the U.S. Navaro says Charlie is wading into deep water and they won't let her drown.

Meanwhile, POTUS asks Gantry for help, but he wants a hunting license.

A guy is asleep in the mall, the same guy who was being picked up by a chick in the bar. He's wearing a bomb vest, panics and blows up.

Mo tells Charlie about the vest, and Charlie tells Mo about Fatah. Charlie says they need to go talk to Ken Travers. 

Marshall is done with the Presidency. He says it's two cities in Texas, Houston and San Antonio. The names, when repeated, make sense to Charlie. She looks to the stars. It's the symbol, Pegasus. It's the constellation and they're using it to mark the points.

David is concerned about the President's actions, especially that she's thinking about using Gantry.

Charlie is remembering Nick.

There is a 911 call from a guy about two bombs. He can't kill kids. 

David is meeting with Burke. He doesn't want things blowing up in her face. But Burke does't seem willing to play ball. Is David starting to question things?

Charlie calls Nick's cell phone, just to hear his voice. As she does so, he imagines kissing him. His message says, "This is Nick, you know what to do." She replies, "No. I don't."

Kurt infiltrates Gantry's office at TKG just as Emily arrives looking for him. Uh oh! Gantry and Emily catch him red handed in the parking garage, and they banter about surprises. Is the surprise that POTUS gave him a license to kill?

Charlie feels Aaron right there with her as she heads into Fatah's camp. Foreboding? A mirror is signaling behind her.

The team is taking down vests all over the place. They're all down.

David resigns from his job. He doesn't think he's her guy anymore.

Kurt is back with the team.

Charlie makes a run for Fatah's camp, guns blazing. Her car goes up in flames.

Gantry tantalizes POTUS with an exact location of Fatah and suggests she use her fighter jets to take him out. Will she do it?

Charlie kills Fatah after a kick ass speech. Someone (Dawkins?) rides in with a wave as the fighter jets come near.

State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Charlie: I have to resign,, Sir, to you, now, because of what I need to do next and what I don't want coming back on the CIA.
Navaro: No one ever died for a flag, Charlie. The die fighting for the people they love. Let your training track him down, let your blood do the rest.

There's no new world order without factory fresh threats against the U.S.