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Aboard Air Force One, Charlie and Maureen are headed to Katar with POTUS and David. As they chat, Charlie is clearly distracted. 

Meanwhile, in Katar, we see a man in a garage making what looks like a bomb. He gets on his moped and takes off. 

Constance and David are in one car on the convoy to the US Embassy and are talking about Charlie. 
Maureen and Charlie are in another one, and Charlie is telling Maureen that she feels like an attack is coming. She is recalling her previous convoy with POTUS and tells Maureen she is having two vivid flashbacks that don't make sense. 

One that Aaron points a gun at her, and another where she is pointing a gun at him. She thinks POTUS thinks she is lying to her, and she just wants to remember what happened. 

The man on the moped gets closer to the motorcade, which forces the secret service to remove POTUS from the vehicle and get her to safety inside the embassy. 

They begin to shoot at the man, and as they tackle him, he screams, "I work for the CIA, I WORK FOR THE CIA."

Charlie and Maureen are talking about the potential CIA asset and though they have no record of him for the CIA, Charlie remarks that it wouldn't be the first time a case officer kept an asset off the books.

At the Embassy, POTUS meets with the prime minister of Katar and it does not go well. He tells her that he wants one of their men who was captured by the US back or they will lose the base they have in Katar. 

Back on the 7th floor in DC, the rest of the staff is working on finding more information on a suspected terrorist working with Fatah, who they have nicknamed bullwinkle. Lucas plays the power card, saying that Navaro left him in charge while Charlie is gone. 

We see Nick Vera, locked up somewhere, and beaten with many bruises. He is chained up with his arms out. A man walks in with a mask on, looking like Nick Vera, and has a voice modification tool that has changed his voice. He beings to ask Vera questions and tells him if he doesn't answer it will cost him. He pulls out a blow torch. He asks him if he killed Aaron Payton. What his relationship with Fatah entailed and if anyone else interviewed Fatah. Nick doesn't seem like he will open his mouth about any of it, and is talking back to the man in the mask. 

Charlie and Maureen are discussing that they will interview the potential asset. As they talk to him, they learn that he is led to believe he was an asset, but he is not. His brother has important information and somehow they need to break him out to get him to his brother. 

Lucas and Kurt chat, and we notice that Lucas' hand is shaking, and he is clearly not with it. Kurt gets a call to get some intel from someone Charlie knows, and he heads out to get it. 

After Charlie and Maureen interview the potential asset, they realize he is a false flag - he was duped into thinking he was an asset for the CIA, but he is just a pawn. The intel he told Charlie he can get is that the terrorist network started by Fatah and Akam is selling US weapons to terrorists. Charlie tells POTUS that he trusts the fake asset and wants to further pursue it before POTUS speaks with the prime minister again. 

Kurt goes to the house of Charlie's contact, a pretty girl, who says she accidently hacked into a secure site that contains information on the terrorists they are hunting. She wants a lot of money in exchange for the information she gives Kurt. As Dash looks it over, it appears that the information is very legit intel, and tells Kurt to pay her whatever she wants. 

David and Charlie are chatting about the fake asset and Charlie plans to break him out of the prison to get him to see his brother at the mall and get the information they need. David doesn't want to know much more. To cause a diversion, Maureen breaks through a security barrier and has a line of cops following her. It works, and Charlie is able to get the fake asset out and they head for the mall.  

The fake asset and Charlie have more in common than she thought - he hates terrorists and wants to see them brought down as well. 

Back to Nick Vera, his torturer  show him the photo of Charlie, Fatah and him on the boat, and asks about it and continues to probe Nick. He is still not willing to say anything. The torturer tells Nick that Charlie went to his apartment and took her passports, so she is probably not buying into his exit strategy anymore.  

Kurt brings a picture of the terrorist linked to Fatah/Akam and tells Lucas something is wrong with his eye.Lucas, still not with it tells him it just looks like a camera glare, but Kurt persists. He leaves the room and comes back with a bottle of liquor, and tells Lucas to drink and get it over with. He knows he's been shaky and sweaty, and says he isn't judging but wants him to get his head back in the game. 

In the mall in Qatar, Charlie and the fake asset meet with his brother and gather the information. The intel appears to be legit and it has a lot of photos, receipts and more that appear to align with the story that the terrorist group is selling US weapons. As Charlie and the fake asset try to get out a back entrance, someone is waiting for them, and in a split second Charlie shoots and kills him. 

She tells the fake asset if he wasn't a CIA asset before, he is now. 

Maureen and Kurt are on the phone talking about the intel Charlie recovered and said that Charlie is in hot water and they need this information to help Charlie. Kurt gets it to Dash to help, and then asks Maureen how she is, but she hangs up. 

Kurt gives Dash the information and he looks into it to see if it is legit. He wonders if the information the girl gave him earlier and this intel were timed perfectly to come out at the same time. He didn't see it as a coincidence. Dash tells him not to worry, but Kurt feels something is off. 

Lucas tells Kurt that the terrorist recently had cornea survery, so he was right to think something was up with his eye. They plan to track him down by tracking medications coming to him in Cairo. Lucas tells Kurt that he was sobert for eight years, and Kurt tells him he really doesn't care. He does care about Maureen, and tells him he will keep the drinking a secret if Lucas promises to stay away from Maureen. They have a deal. 

Charlie and David are arguing over Charlie shooting the man in the elevator, and he said that just because she was lucky and right this time doesn't mean she knows everything. She gets a message from Dash on her phone that she was not right this time, and the intel that the asset provided was fake. 

Charlie, David and POTUS are having a heated discussion and Charlie tells David that everything she does is for this country and she knows exactly where her loyalties lie. She goes on to tell David that she doesn't tell him how to do his job as Chief of Staff, so he shouldn't tell her. POTUS asks David to leave the room.

Charlie and POTUS face off. POTUS tells Charlie that she is only as strong as the people around her and the people she trusts. She tells Charlie to tell her what happened in Kabul, but Charlie says that she can't. That she cannot remember.

This prompts POTUS to dismiss her as the lead briefer, and Charlie walks out. 

Charlie and Maureen are in a hotel room and Maureen tells her that if she absolutely wants to remember, there is a way to do it but it's painful and dangerous. Oh, and illegal. Charlie tells her she wants to do it. 

Charlie and Maureen in a hotel - if yu absolutely need to remember this there is a way to do it. its painful its dangerous and its totally illegal. 

We see Nick Vera being interrogated one more time, but nothing is said, and the torturer tells NIck to enjoy the rest of his trip, that it is coming to an end. 

Charlie with the fake asset and gives him a passport to Canada and that it probably represents the last favor she will be able to call in. They are offering him asylum and Charlie comments that there is always a way out. 

 Maureen in the hotel bathroom and Charlie walks in and is ready to take her clothes off and get in an ice bath. Maureen tells her to keep her clothes on for some insulation. Charlie tells her, no matter what she says or does, to keep recording and keep going through with this interrogation. 

As Maureen injects her with a drug and she sits in the bath tub, she is taken back to the Kabul attack. We see more clearly now that Fatah is pulling her out and trying to get her to safety. Aaron sees Fatah with Charlie and he pulls his gun on Fatah. That prompts Fatah to take Charlie's gun and he shoots and kills Aaron. 

We see a brief interaction with Charlie and Fatah where Fatah tells her Pegasus stlll flies. Things go dark, and the next scene Maureen is watching over Charlie on the bed. Charlie wakes up from a nightmare and tells Maureen that she remembers everything. Fatah is still her asset.

State of Affairs
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