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The Ar Rissalah 7 are being transferred. They break their thumbs in an attempt to escape their handcuffs. The bus crashes.

Charlie meets with POTUS and mentions the dead body found. He was a private contractor working for Kreig. POTUS doesn't share faith in Nick and wants to conduct an air strike or take other measures if they don't hear from him in 24 hours.

Banks drops in and shares the bad news about the missing AR7 member.

David meets with Jules who suggests POTUS get on air and make a statement to his liking and fast before he start parading the dead guy's family around the media. Cute little buggers, he says.

Nick is in the jungle. Fatah is calling to the skies, apparently hoping to find Allah. I don't think he's up there. Just sayin'. 

Lucas and Charlie are on site looking for Kenneth Travers while Greer and Mo are noticing the chatter has died down, just like it did before the safe house bombing.

Back at the White House, Jules has a meet with POTUS. David is not pleased.

Charlie and Lucas chat on the way back and he tells her a bit of what happened with Mo while he was drunk. She assures him he can make it right.

Kurt is shadow boxing in his office after a successful phone call. Emily arrives back from Bangcock and as she takes him to lunch, Gantry watches on with a smirk. Syd is waiting in his office. He's sharing what happened when their guy was killed by Vera. Syd says he's done. Gantry isn't letting him go.

Kenneth called ... his foster parents. Greer is sending Charlie a location. It's a stolen cell, but they get a location.

POTUS is giving an interview when David walks in, taking the questions from her press briefer. Her current question is about Aaron. David pokes in with his own question about Hakam. How close are we to eliminating Omar Fatah and Sheik Hakam? They're preparing for the interview by Jules. He hoodwinks her with a question about Marshall having a two year affair with Kyle Green. If they don't get it right, he doesn't expect she'll have a second term. 

When they find Kenneth, Charlie plays it tough. She doesn't get the best answer, but there are many bombs planted.

Nick kills someone else in camp. Fatah isn't pleased, and when he asks him to buy him time, he appears to gut himself. He blames it on the guy Nick killed.

Kenneth chats with Charlie about Sheik Hakam and how he came to be. He is an example. Hakam is apparently Allah's sword. We learn that through a speech Fatah is giving at the camp. It's all because no one believes and the faithful don't exist here. Hakam is striking back at the West to fight for Allah through Hakam. It's a recruitment camp and Fatah is a great actor.

Nick calls Charlie. The OP's a go. Hakam is one hour out. Nick wants to get out. Bellerophon is a go. Just in time for her interview. 

Nick and Fatah come face to face with Hakam just as POTUS is 60 seconds out from her interview. They have to postpone the interview and throw to NY. POTUS is in the war room.



State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Banks: Every time I come down here I feel like I'm a hundred years old.
Greer: You sure don't look it sir. You look great.

Charlie: With a clear and present threat to US citizens on US soil, you have every right to use whatever force you deem necessary.
POTUS: Then that is exactly what I'm going to do.