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The media outlets are screaming for President Payton to be impeached. She gives an impassioned speech that if anyone wages war against these United States inside or outside of our borders, they will be hunted down and ended. From inside the room people start screaming, again, to impeach and that she is trashing the constitution. 

David tells Constance her critics think she uses the CIA as her personal guard. Meanwhile, she wakes up in the middle of the night expecting bombs to go off in the middle of a spelling bee. David counters they have nothing but a safe house bombing making it look like they're making a mountain out of a molehill.

Charlie and the team need to find out how the imprisoned members found each other. What is their missing link? They have no idea how they were recruited. They just drifted toward Ar Risalah. 

Nick's wandering through the jungle with Fatah and they are suddenly under fire. 

Senator Burke stands behind Constance with one caveat; he wants to be the head of the committee even though he's on the opposing team. He assures her he's not in the habit of making powerful enemies and doing so would be in neither of their interests considering the weight of the issue at hand.

The connection that seems to be linking the people is they all trolled Professor Ahmad Ahmadi's site.

Fatah is pissed at Vera for contacting the CIA because they think they're following them and it will really mess things up with Sheik Hakam. 

Charlie goes to see Ahmadi and he's not forthcoming in helping him as after what was done to him by the CIA.

Acting Director Banks doesn't show Burke the same reception POTUS did.

Vera calls Charlie. She affirms he's clear. He's going to have to do something, but it's better she doesn't know about it. Get back in one piece is all she wants.

Kurt is hanging out at his new office with Victor Gantry who tells him to ditch the pickup truck and get a real car. He gives him a credit card and a business card to get the job done.

Banks uses his acting deputy director position to the best of his ability. He's having such a good time. He even goes so far as to tell Constance he didn't vote for her.

As Maureen and Lucas talk about how hard they're going to come down on Kurt and she stands up for the man, he's off drinking champagne while buying one of those new cars. He can even get it bullet proofed. No kidding.

Constance goes to Kyle Green's funeral and is warmly welcomed by her daughter, but not so much by her husband, although he allows her to stay. Constance was hurt to hear Marshall went the night before.

Greer finds a link to Ar Risalah on Ahmad Ahmadi's website when two people talk about dropping off term papers and neither of them are in school. They're off.

Nick's scuffling in the jungle in the dark. He shoots someone and then a man wrapped in casing comes at him saying he was told to stay away. Nick looks at who he shot. The guy was in airborne. He's American. Another guy in the netting pulls it off. Guess who.... Syd!

Constance is angry at Marshall for not telling her he went to Kyle's the night before her and she brings up his affair. He says he needed to say goodbye. This time she just gave him information on the death of their son as a friend he couldn't get from his wife.

Kyle's whipping through the roads in his new ride, music playing and he stops to take a look at it. He's looking for a wire or something. Yep. A tracker. He finds it, too. 

Charlie and friend are a using robotics to search a building with the bomb squad. There is an entire line of backpacks. There are seven of them. It can't be a coincidence. The robot cannot pull the zipper on the bags, so a poor bastard named Riggs is sent inside. He confirms a hot site, says he can defuse and clears the first bag. The second bag is set off upon pulling the zipper. Riggs is no more.

Constance decides to let the Ar Risalah seven go to a federal facility out of FBI hands to have access to medical attention and attorneys and what not, to be completely transparent. She and Charlie agree Burke will be aiming for them with the commission. Constance says while he does, the two of them will quietly and completely take out Hakam and Fatah no matter how many subpoenas he ways around. She intends to wipe out the greatest threat to them while he's busy elsewhere to surprise him. They deliver to him a room full of redacted files.

Kurt pays a visit to Gantry. Before he gets in the office, Gantry downs a drink with a crushed up pill in it. Kurt walks in and delivers the card and the tracker. Gantry wants to know about Fatah and Bellerophon.

Maureen tells Charlie about a dead American found. Charlie ties it into her conversation with Nick. If he did it, even by accident, he's never coming back.

Ahmadi opens a letter from POTUS thanking him for his service. He smiles, puts it away and then opens a trap door in his closet leading to a room full of bomb vests. I didn't buy his bullshit!

State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I got subpoena requests up my ass and that is not a cozy feeling, mam.

Director Banks

Director Banks: Look, this who investigation is a catapult of crap. Keep your head down and it will fly over you, copy?
Charlie: Copy sir.

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