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Andy tells Sullivan he should open up more if he wants to connect with the team. 

A storm is coming but everyone gathers at Miller's for a Friendsgiving celebration. Miller is overwhelmed. 

Ryan tells Pruitt that there's a federal warrant out for his father. He tells Ryan to enjoy the party with his father for now. 

The party is interrupted by Sullivan calling them into work due to the storm. Ripley is there, and Andy encourages Maya to show him why she deserves the Lieutenant position. 

Sullivan and Herrara go out in the aid car to a victim thrown from a car. Sullivan flashes back to his wife. 

Greg, Pruitt, and Jack decide to bring Friendsgiving to the station. 

Ripley joins Maya and Vic on a call and Jack stays behind. Jack is on edge and can't sit still. 

A tree crashes through the windshield of Ben, Miller, and Travis' truck. A couple of them work to clear the tree from the road while the rest try to save a man under a collapsed carport. 

Andy and Sullivan's patient has compartment syndrome. They need to cut her leg to relieve some pressure, but the storm makes the car unsteady. 

The carport guy's house is on fire, and the wind is blowing the flames. They have to get him out before the carport catches fire. 

Ben rescues two babies from the house fire and goes back in for their grandma. 

Ripley announces that Maya will be promoted and transferred to Station 23. 

The aid car that Andy and Sullivan were in is rolled down a hill into a ditch. Are they okay?

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Vic: Warren, you live with Gibson, is everything okay with him?
Ben: Define your version of "okay." The guy drinks pickle juice, like, from a jar. And he listens to weird-ass music.
Vic: I don't know, he seems on edge or something.
Ben. I mean the guy barely sleeps.

Jack: Storm's coming in.
Miller: Exactly. In the form of too many people coming over to my place. Where is Warren anyway? I only agreed to do this for him because he's been a sad-face emoji ever since Dr. Bailey kicked him out.