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Andy and Pruitt deal with the loss of Ryan.

Andy throws herself into work to distract her, but she can't seem to get the image of Ryan dying out of her head.

She just wants everyone to treat her normally.

Flashbacks reveal Pruitt went to San Diego two weeks ago and told Ryan he had cancer.

Pruitt convinced Ryan to come back to Seattle to be there for Andy when he dies.

In the present, Pruitt asked Sullivan not to promote Andy to captain as she's not in the right headspace right now.

Sullivan then decides to promote Maya.

Ben lobbies for the new fire chief to approve a physician response team and plays on the chief's desire to appear a strong leader in the eyes of the media.

Sullivan continues to experience pain in his leg, and gets an MRI. 

Koracick suggests Sullivan get surgery, but Sullivan is hesitant about telling the Seattle Fire Department about his condition.

After some convincing, Dean agrees to accompany Vic to a dinner party at Richard and Catherine's house. Jackson and Maggie will also be in attendance.

Lastly, Jack hooks up with Vasquez's wife Eva again, this time in the firehouse.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Andy: Is it everything you dream of?
Sullivan: I think you should take some time …
Andy: I don’t want time. I want to work. I need to work.
Sullivan: You suffered a trauma. You lost a friend.
Andy: I’m aware of what I’ve suffered and what I’ve lost.
Sullivan: I know what Ryan meant …
Andy: Can I work or not? Respectfully, Capt. Sullivan …
Sullivan: Battalion chief.
Andy: Chief Sullivan, I need to be at work. I’m saying please.

Andy: It’s getting late. Can you stay over?
Ryan: I thought your dad said I couldn’t do that anymore.
Andy: Ugh, he doesn’t get to tell me what to do.
Ryan: He kinda does.
Andy: Um, no excuse you, I’m 20, almost 21. Soon it won’t be a misdemeanor when I have a beer.
Ryan: I’m almost 21 too, so if you add us up, we’re like 41, 42, old.