Rescuing Patrons - Station 19
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Station 19 responds to Joe's Bar after a car crashes into it.

Andy and Sullivan lead the team of firefighters as they work to rescue their fellow crewmates Ben and Pruitt, Grey Sloan doctors and interns, and bar patrons before the building comes crumbling down.

Two weeks prior to the incident, Station 19 throws Ben and Bailey a surprise baby shower. The firefighters go around and say their wishes for the baby, who some believe will be a girl.

As Ben and Bailey lie on top of a firetruck, they discuss their future.

Following the incident, Ben laments how it's his fault Bailey miscarried, as his job is too stressful. Bailey reminds Ben that it's no one's fault; it just happened.

Two weeks before the call, Andy and Sullivan talk, and Sullivan makes it clear he just wants to be friends.

Andy presses Sullivan, and he admits that this wasn't just in her head; he felt something too. 

However, they can't be together, as a relationship between them is against the rules.

Afterward, Sullivan tells Andy they can't be together as it would put both of their promotions in jeopardy.

Andy calls Sullivan out of his bullshit, and he responds by benching her for a week.

Vic introduces Station 19 to Jackson.

Maya breaks up with Jack.


Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Sullivan: Look, Andy I didn’t mean to hurt you. I would like it if … Hasn’t it been long enough? Can’t we be friends? Look, a relationship between us is against the rules.
Andy: Yeah, I understand the rules Robert, but you broke a lot of them.
Sullivan: I know.
Andy: You know it’s not just against the rules to have sex with your subordinates; it’s also against the rules to throw them longing glances. It’s against the rules to let your hands linger, to let your eyes wander.
Sullivan: Oh, you’re just saying I harassed you.
Andy: I’m just saying you fell in love with me, which is also specifically against the rules. I’m saying I fell in love with you, and you did nothing to discourage it.

Vic: Hey lover, sorry, I’m on a call. Car plowed into Joe’s Bar. Gotta make it quick.
Jackson: Yeah, I’m in the bar.
Vic: That’s not funny.
Jackson: No, it’s really not.
Vic: OK, well, I buried a man I loved not all that long ago, so catastrophe humor isn’t really my thing.
Jackson: And yet I remain in the bar.