Ben and Vic transport long - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 12
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The crew battles a storage facility fire with growing complications.

Though the crew is able to help everyone get out safely, they find themselves trapped inside and running low on oxygen.

Sullivan breaks protocol and goes in to rescue Andy after he learns she is in danger, leaving Maya in charge.

Pruitt does the same thing and puts his life in jeopardy to vent the roof, despite Maya's attempts to stop him.

As he's venting the roof, Pruitt falls through and dies.

His sacrifice, though, allows the crew to escape unharmed.

Flashbacks reveal Sullivan and Andy secretly got married before Pruitt's death in the courthouse. Though uncertain, Andy convinced her father this is what she wanted to do.

Ben and Jackson enlist Maggie's help to treat a badly injured man from the fire on the PRT and are successful.

Vic adjusts to Jackson working with Ben on the PRT and is uncomfortable with him being at Station 19.

Emmett tries to get Travis to talk to him about their relationship, but Travis doesn't want to have a conversation about it.

Dean realizes his daughter will be left without any parentless if he dies. He gets scared and freezes during the incident.

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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I’ve been in love with you for a long time, and I put my job before what I knew what right. And it was cowardly. It’s what my father did. It was what my grandfather did. I’m fighting a lineage of mistakes -- it’s in my blood -- but I’m breaking that pattern starting now. I love you, and I want to marry you.


Vic: Seriously, this is not weird for you, working together?
Jackson: Vic, why would it be?
Ben: Because you dated her.
Jackson: I’ve literally worked with anyone I’ve ever dated.
Vic: And you don’t sleep together… accidentally?
Jackson: If I sleep with an ex, it’s not an accident.
Ben: Kinda feels like I shouldn’t be here.
Vic: No, he shouldn’t be here.