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In an effort to boost morale, Maya takes the group on a team-building camping trip in the woods.

Maya is very enthusiastic about the trip, but the rest of Station 19 is more apathetic to the idea.

While at the campsite, things take an unexpected turn when a couple camped nearby is attacked by a bear.

The group is able to transport both victims alive to Grey Sloan.

After camping, Pruitt apologizes to Andy for slut shaming her, and Andy reveals to her father just how much loosing Ryan hurt.

Jack also reveals to Andy he and Eva are hooking up. Andy lets Jack know he could be blacklisted for sleeping with another firefighter's wife.

As a way to avoid both their problems, Jack and Andy hook up.

Pruitt confides in Travis about his cancer.

Dean struggles with what his future with JJ entails now that they are expecting a child together.

Ben discusses his disappointment over not having had a child of his own, and Sullivan asks whether Ben and Bailey have ever thought about adoption.

Sullivan continues to experience pain in his leg and steals two vials of fentanyl. 

Flashbacks also show a Maya circa 2006 who struggled with getting her father's approval.

Mr. Bishop only showed Maya love and affection when she won races and was emotionally abusive when she lost.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Andy: What are you … what are you doing here?
Pruitt: I like camping. Maya invited me.
Andy: Are you checking up on me?
Pruitt: I’m going to the woods. I’m soaking up the nature. I could use it.
Andy: You’re checking up on me.
Pruitt: One could argue that you should be checking up on me. You’re not the only one who lost Ryan.
Andy: You … you called me a slut. You told me I was compromising your legacy. Are you here to apologize because I could use an apology. But guilt because Ryan died? I’m not biting.

Pruitt: You hiding from your team, captain?
Maya: It’s been a lit bit bumpy sir.
Pruitt: Promotions are always bumpy. You’ll get there. Hey, how’s Andy doing? She still wont talk to me about Ryan, and I’m worried about her.
Maya: I have no idea how Andy’s doing. She moved out over a week ago.
Pruitt: She moved? Where?
Maya: I don’t know. She won’t talk to me either. She thinks I stole her job; they all do.
Pruitt: Yeah, you’ve definitely got a morale problem.
Maya: What do I do?
Pruitt: It’s not that complicated. You just need some team building. Get them out of the station – field trips, beach days, camping.
Maya: Camping?
Pruitt: Build a fire, drink some beers, eat some s’mores. It goes a long way.
Maya: So I order them on their day off to go camping with me?
Pruitt: It’s not an order, it’s an invitation.