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Andy become suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her mother's death and reaches out to her aunt for answers.

Andy tells to Meredith everyone around her thinks she's paranoid or just grieving her father, but Meredith tells Andy she doesn't sound crazy.

Andy's aunt comes to Seattle, and Andy learns her mother is alive.

Sullivan undergoes surgery for his chronic leg condition, and Amelia warns him about having a strong support system so as not to relapse.

When Sullivan wakes up, Andy isn't there. 

He is also in a lot of pain and is given morphine by the doctors.

Maya's father comes to visit her at the scene of an emergency and berates her ability as a captain. He also pulls her hair.

Maya realizes her father is abusive and regrets her breakup with Carina. Jack encourages her to apologize.

She apologizes to Carina and declares her love. Carina accepts, and they get back together.

Emmett tells Travis he loves him, but Travis reveals he doesn't feel the same way.

Dean tells Vic she has to move out, blaming it on his new girlfriend or not wanting to confuse Prue, instead of admitting he has feelings for her.

Dixon is arrested.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Travis: Hey, who know what? I slept with an engaged friend. Yeah, I did. Even after he wasn’t engaged anymore. I kept sleeping with him because I liked it. I slept with him even after I knew he was falling in love with me. I actually slept with him last night, and a little bit this morning.
Duncan: Do you love him?
Travis: No.

Jack: You at least talked to him?
Andy: Who, my husband? Or you mean the guy who turned himself in to the Civil Service Commission without consulting his wife? Or, wait, do you mean the guy who got suspended without pay for stealing narcotics in order to take down our fire chief – which didn’t work by the way – and all it did was delay my father’s funeral? You mean that guy?
Jack: See, I’m confused ‘cause I thought those were all the same guy.